His Touch(6)

By: Melinda Minx

We kiss and grab each other for a long time. The noise and bustle of the bar fades away to nothing. There is only us.

Finally we pull away from one another, and there’s an electric current running through my entire body. It feels like her skin was laced with a powerful opiate, though I doubt heroin even feels this good.

“Coffee,” I say.

She grabs her phone.

I narrow my eyes.

“I’m getting an Uber,” she says. “What’s your address?”

“I got it,” I say.

I’ve had one too many drinks to drive us home. I grab my phone.

Dash comes up to us with a girl on his arm. She’s older than Elise, but barely.

“So you guys are heading out?” he asks, grinning. “I’m Dash.”

Elise smiles and holds out a hand. “Elise.”

They shake hands, and Dash points to the girl on his arm, “This is...uh…”

“Ivanna,” she says, more to Dash than to Elise and me. She leans toward us and whispers, “I doubt he will remember my name, but I don’t care.”

Elise laughs nervously. I’m sure as fuck going to remember her name, I realize. I haven’t even fucked her once--just kissed her--and already she’s got some kind of hold on me.

“Have fun,” Dash says, winking and pulling Ivanna away toward the bar.

The car is outside a few minutes later. Elise and I slide into the back seat, and now that she’s outside of the bustle and soft lighting of the bar, she looks even more innocent than before. I can see the nervousness painted on her face, even as she grips tight to my arm in the backseat of the car.

I’m tempted to get started on her right now, but the Uber driver is a woman about my age, and she’s already side-eyed the hell out of me when we got in.

The driver takes us to my place, through a mostly silent cab ride. There’s only the tension between Elise and me, barely contained within the small car.

The car pulls up to my place and stops.

“You live here?” Elise asks, looking up at my building overlooking Central Park.

“Yeah,” I say. “Come on.”

I take her inside by the hand, get into the elevator, and ride up to my penthouse.

“Wow…” she utters. “You must be really good at whatever it is you do.”

“I’m good at business,” I say, “but I’m best at making coffee.”

She laughs nervously, and I pull her into my apartment.

She looks around, wide-eyed.

“Do you actually want a cup of coffee first,” I ask, “or--”

She jumps up onto me and wraps her legs around me. I grab hold of her and kiss her deeply, as I hold her against my body. I walk toward the bedroom as we kiss.

No coffee. Just fucking.

My cock has been rock-hard for the past hour. I keep imagining Elise’s full lips wrapped tightly around my hard and veiny cock, but as I throw her down onto my bed, I get an eyeful of her black panties, and I realize I want to tongue her clit and drink up her juices more than anything else.

“Hunter,” she says, “I’m--”

“Hunt,” I interrupt. “And what did I tell you about talking during coffee?”

I grab hold of her legs just above the knees, and she lets out a low moan as her eyes roll back in her head. Her legs feel so fucking good, and I slide my hands up slowly along the flesh of her thighs. Soon I’m nearing her panties, and she’s biting her lip in anticipation.

“Get that dress off,” I bark at her.

She looks up at me in surprise.

“Off!” I say. “Now!”

She reaches down and pulls at the dress. She hikes it up and exposes her perfect, flat stomach, and then she pulls it up over her head to reveal her big tits squeezed into a black lacy bra.

“That bra is too small for you,” I say, awe seeping into my voice.

“They’re...still growing,” she says. “I need to go shopping.”

Fucking hell. Still growing. She really is too young for me, but I can’t go back now.

I squeeze her thighs as I gaze at her beautiful, perky tits.

“Take it off,” I order.

She doesn’t hesitate this time. I squeeze her ass as she reaches back and pops off the bra.

It falls to the bed, and her amazing tits pop free. They seem to defy gravity, and I can’t help but let go of her ass and bury my face between them.

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