His Touch(11)

By: Melinda Minx

“We will see each other again,” I say. It comes right out of my mouth with ironclad conviction. I don’t even think about it, but after I say it, I don’t second-guess it either.

Her face lights up. “So...me being a virgin doesn’t matter. I’m not actually a virgin anymore--”

I shake my head. “Okay, stop saying the V-word.”

“So you really want to, uh, keep seeing me? It can be on your terms, Hunter, I’m...I know the age difference won’t be--”

“On our terms,” I say. “It’s not just about me.”

A voice inside my head is laughing. No, it’s cackling, and it sounds just like Dash’s obnoxious cackle. When was the last time I gave two shits about a woman? And now, this woman--this girl--has me wrapped around her little finger? Fuck.

Elise bites her lip. “Well...I don’t know what your friends and family are like, if they’d be cool with the idea of us together, but I know my mom would flip.”

I nod. “I got it. It’s still early, let’s just lay here like this until I’m hard again.”

Her eyes widen. “What…”

I sit up now and take her by the shoulder. “We’re going to fuck all night, Elise. That’s as far as my plans for the future go.”

We almost make it all night. A few hours before the sun starts to rise, after she rides me for all she’s worth, she passes right out with my cock still inside her.

I splash some water on my face and get her some clean blankets.

The harsh reality is starting to hit me now. I have to marry Nadine today. I have to turn her company around. And now I have to juggle all that with Elise in my life. I look down at her perfect face and full lips as she sleeps. She’s worth the risk.

If Nadine knew I was taking this gamble, she might call the whole thing off. For a moment, I consider just telling her, but…

I live for risk. I always have. I’ve saved over three Fortune 500 companies now, and it’s always been too easy. Adding Elise to the equation changes that. When I sleep with her, and when I kiss her, it’s simple as anything. It feels right. There’s no way it could be wrong in those moments. But as soon as I leave that bed, it’s wrong as hell, and I know it. If anyone found out about Elise and me while I was married to Nadine, then Nadine’s company—and my reputation with it—would go down the shitter.

But I don’t care. I want Elise. I won’t let her go. I can have everything I want.

I hop into the shower, and then after toweling off, I start to get ready for my courthouse wedding. Nadine wants me to go to the office straightaway afterward, so I put on a suit and tie.

Even with the tie, a hint of my tattoos reaches up my neck. I like to subvert people's expectations. How many East Coast CEOs have tattoos visible when they wear a suit? I know I could never get away with it if I wasn’t as fucking good at what I do as I am. But I am that good, and I can get away with anything.

Almost anything, I realize, looking down at Elise still sound asleep in my bed. If everyone knew I had taken an 18-year-old’s virginity just a few hours before marrying Nadine, then that probably wouldn’t fly.

I don’t want to wake her up, so I leave her a note with my number. There’s plenty to eat in my fridge, so I tell her to help herself and stay as long as she’d like.

I don’t know if she has class tomorrow or what, but I do know that most college classes don’t even start until 10:00 a.m. or so. Students get lazier and lazier, and the schools cater to it. Elise isn’t lazy, but there’s no way she’s waking up early after fucking so hard all night.

I admit that I’m a little bit tired, too, but I can get by on about three hours of sleep, and if I miss a night, I just need to grab a few more hours the next night.

I don’t feel like driving, so I grab a cab. I could easily afford to have my own driver, but I always found that to be such a stupid fucking extravagance. If I can call a cab and it takes just a few minutes, why do I need to pay some dude with white gloves to be at my beck and call around the clock in the off-chance I need him to drive me somewhere?

I get to the courthouse at dawn. It’s not usually open this early, but Nadine pulled some strings so she wouldn’t miss any work.

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