His Touch(10)

By: Melinda Minx

“Oh my God,” she gasps, “Hunter...I’m…”

“Cum all over my cock, sweetie, don’t be shy.”

“It feels like I have to pee--”

“That’s good,” I say, panting. “It means you’re going to cum hard. Don’t hold back on me.”

And speaking of cumming, just the thought of her creaming all over my cock buried deep inside her sets me off. I pull her hips up further against me, and her upper body goes even flatter. I start to thrust as fast as I can, and I feel her inner walls squeeze and clench against me.

And then there’s a flood. Elise moans, and I feel impossible wetness surging across my cock.

“Fuck!” I shout.

Her whole body convulses, and I don’t stop pumping her for even a moment. Each time I sink in and out of her, my cock gets soaking wet. My adrenaline spikes, and I feel my body passing the point of no return. Even if I pulled out of her now and entered a deep meditative state, my balls would still empty themselves. No force in the world could stop me from coming now, so I grunt and grab her perfect tits. I thrust in and out of her as many times as I can before I finally cum.

“Hunter!” she screams.

That does it. Hearing her say my name like that is too much. My balls twitch, and I feel what may be the thickest load I’ve ever had blast through me and dump into Elise.

“Oh, fuck, sweetie,” I say, my eyes rolling back into my head, as a second thick load explodes into her.

“I can feel it inside me,” she screams.

I keep pumping her as I cum. My mind and body was completely overloaded, and each time I shoot another load inside her, some of that tension eases. As I empty the last of myself into her, the tension has melted away to a warmth and relaxation that I haven’t felt in recent memory.

Elise collapses beneath me--I’m still inside her, but she falls flat. I lay atop her, using my arms to stop my weight from crushing her.

“Hunter,” she says. “Did you know?”

Know what? Did she lie about being on birth control? I feel so fucking good right now that I can’t imagine anything she could say would make me angry. Not even that.

“Did I know what?” I ask, stroking her hair.

I pull my out of her. The bed is soaked, as is my cock. I fall down beside her. Her face is flushed red, and there are tears in her eyes.

It’s not the first time I’ve fucked a woman to tears, but I sense some actual sadness in her expression.

“I should have told you before,” she says.

“Told me what?”

“That was my first time.”

Fuck. She was a virgin? There’s no way.

“I thought I would bleed…” she says. “But I didn’t, so I thought of just not telling you. But, um, I guess I don’t like to keep secrets.”

Holy shit.

Even through my warm glow, I feel angry. She frowns, she can see in my face that I’m pissed.

“You should have told me,” I whisper.

“Yeah?” she asks, sitting up. I can’t help but eye her tits and stomach as she gets up. “And then what? You wouldn’t have done it? I don’t regret it, Hunter, not at all. Do you?”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. “You should have lost it with someone your own age…” I mumble.

“What about doing what feels right?” she asks. “You told me to forget the formula and do what feels good.”

I shake my head. My own dumbass words coming back to bite my ass. “If there was a formula,” I say, “then being a virgin would be a variable.”

“I’ve never cum like that before, Hunter. Never. I never want to make myself cum again, not if I can come like this. Do you really think a guy my age could do that for me?”

No. No way in hell.

“When did you turn eighteen?” I ask.

“Two months ago,” she says.

Something clicks in my head, something bad, but just as I think I realize what it is, it disappears into my subconscious.

I let out a deep sigh.

“You made me feel good, and safe, and loved,” Elise says. She puts a hand over her mouth and blushes. “Oh, geez, I’m not actually dropping the L-word on you, Hunter, I just mean loved, not in love...you gave me something that no one else could. I’m sure of that. Even if we never see each other again--”

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