Her Vigilant Seal

By: Caitlyn O Leary

Midnight Delta Series Book One

Chapter One


“Lieutenant, you gotta let me carry him, you’re wounded.”

“I’m fine. It’s just a scratch.” Mason knew he wasn’t holding his team back. Even while holding Jones’ body with a knife wound in his forearm, he could keep up with the rest of them.

“We’re still six miles to the shoreline you can’t keep up at this pace.” Mason couldn’t believe Drake was serious as blood seeped through his own tourniquet. Stubborn fool.

“Drake, when it becomes a problem I’ll make a different decision, until then, I’m carrying him.” They’d taken down their target. Six of Mason’s team of eight men had been together for over two years and Lou Jones was their first casualty. He hadn’t followed orders and it cost him his life. Didn’t matter, it was on Mason’s watch and he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to be the one to carry him home.

“Let me take him Mason, just for fifteen minutes.” He looked over at his second-in-command. Drake was out of his mind, he’d actually taken a worse hit to his thigh, and he was volunteering to carry a dead man.

“Your job is to keep from bleeding to death,” Mason gritted out.

“I’ve cut myself worse while shaving.” Drake flashed him a grin.

“You shave your legs? Is there something you want to tell me?”

He laughed, just as Mason known he would.

“Somebody set us up, they knew we were coming.” Mason was beginning to feel the burn from the long run and carrying his load.

“That’s my take too,” Drake agreed. “Seriously, let me take Jones’ body, I’m good for a half a mile, and you need to fall back a bit and check on the others.” Drake was right, Mason needed to check on the other six SEALs. They made the transfer and he slowed his pace so he could mix in with the other men.

“I’m sorry I suggested you leave Jones behind earlier. I was wrong,” Ensign Steve Fairfax said. All of them were whispering as they ran through the jungle. Mason still had trouble believing Fairfax had first suggested it when his friend had been shot. All of the rest of Midnight Delta had been dumfounded.

“Yes you were,” Mason concurred. Steve joined them a few months ago, and he’d been Lou’s best friend. Neither man had followed orders. Steve wouldn’t be with the team after this op. Mason felt a hand clap his shoulder and knew it was Petty Officer Larry Clark.

“Mase, you okay?” His voice too low for Steve to hear.

“I’m good, what about you?” Mason saw Larry had been grazed. Darius, the team’s medic, must have applied a tourniquet while they were at the compound where the raid went down.

“I’m fine.” Larry grinned. “Nothing a little time in the hospital won’t take care of.” Mason shook his head. Larry was currently dating two different nurses at the naval base.

“If you ever get caught this injury will seem like a walk in the park.”

“I keep hoping neither of them will want to give me up, so we’ll have to settle for a ménage.” He winked.

“I want to live in the wonderland that is your mind for just one hour. It must be nice to still believe in fairytales.”

“What’s nice is all the tail.”

Mason looked at his friend in amazement and Larry gave him a shit eating grin.

Mason reached Drake and took Jones’ body again. Five hundred yards before they were going to break through the jungle to the beach everyone halted. Drake went ahead to the waiting Zodiac to make sure things were clear. A half hour later he came back shaking his head, and they huddled around him.

“We’ve got tangos three in the trees waiting to pick us off, and we have four at our boat.”

“We’re going to have to take them all at the same time,” Mason said. He and Drake outlined their plans. “No matter what happens we have to shoot at precisely five minutes after the hour. Remember, one SEAL, one shot, it’s a piece of cake.”

They spread out according to their assigned targets. Mason looked at his watch, in five more minutes they would be in position.