Her Perfect Mate(102)

By: Paige Tyler

Buchanan took off with a blood-chilling howl, and Landon knew the shifter wouldn’t be bringing any hybrids back alive.

Landon looked for Stutmeir and saw him and the scar-faced man running for the tunnel leading back to the lodge. Evil bastards probably thought if they made it to the vehicles out front they could get away. They weren’t going to get that far. Stutmeir was going to pay for what he’d done to Ivy—Landon was going to make sure of that.

Chapter 17

Someone was coming. Ivy felt it. In retrospect, maybe sending Clayne after Landon had been foolish, but she cared more about Landon’s safety than her own. Even drugged, she could handle whoever was headed this way.

She dragged herself to her feet, forcing her muscles to work even though they were doing their best to ignore her. She’d been drugged so many times in the last few hours it felt as if she was wrapped up in thick, wool blankets.

She looked over at Mickens and Zarina as she shook out her legs and swung her arms. The medic had given Diaz and Tredeau drugs for the pain and was now rigging IVs at the same time he was applying pressure dressings to the wounds. He moved with quick and efficient motions, a man completely tuned in to his task. Zarina was at his side, helping as much as she could.

Kendra was over by the gate, her back to them and her weapon at the ready, acting as if she was the lone protector for their makeshift MASH unit. Maybe she was. Zarina didn’t know which end of a gun the bullets came out of while Mickens would be occupied with his injured charges. And Ivy was certainly still too wobbly to be much help.

But whoever was coming this way was getting closer.

She opened her mouth to warn Kendra, Mickens, and Zarina, but four hybrids hurtled around the wall before she could get the words out.

The creatures skidded to a halt, surprise on their faces. They recovered from their shock fast enough and lifted their weapons.

Kendra spun around and dropped to one knee, shooting the hybrid nearest to her. It caught the three men with him off guard, and they turned their weapons on her, forgetting about Mickens, Zarina, and Ivy.

Ivy gritted her teeth and forced herself to move. Her legs weren’t as strong as they normally were, and the dull pain in her thigh slowed her down a bit, but she still managed a good leap.

She extended her claws as she flew through the air, raking them down one hybrid’s face and chest, knocking him to the ground. He howled as her nails sunk to the bone, taking a large amount of flesh with them.

Ivy straddled his chest, swinging her clawed hands like sickles. Around her, she heard gunfire, but it seemed far away and unimportant. She was starting to zone out. Again. It would have been so easy to give in to her animal nature and let it take over, but she pulled herself back from the brink before it was too late.

She came back to herself to see that the hybrid underneath her was dead. Beside her on the ground was another hybrid, his body full of bullet holes.

Ivy sprang to her feet and spun around.

Zarina was shielding Diaz and Tredeau with her body while Mickens stood between a snarling hybrid and his wounded teammates. He might have been a medic, but he was Special Forces through and through, his face a mask of grit and determination as he pulled the trigger. If the hybrid was going to get to his friends, they’d have to go through his dead body first. The shifter withstood a half dozen rounds of ammunition before he finally fell.

Off to the left, Kendra was putting the final shots through the last hybrid’s chest. When the creature hit the ground, Kendra stepped forward and put one more round in its head.

Ivy gaped. Kendra had never done anything to make her think she was a cold and efficient killer. Clearly, the DCO was using her in the wrong capacity.

Mickens walked up to admire Kendra’s handiwork. “Damn, girl. Are you an animal, too?”

She lowered her weapon and gave him a smile. “Only in bed.”

Ivy almost laughed when Mickens’s jaw dropped. She looked at Zarina and the two wounded soldiers to make sure they hadn’t gotten hit in the barrage of gunfire when a scent on the breeze distracted her. It was faint but unmistakable.


He was close by, and he was running. He was…prey.

Her feet moved in his direction.

“Ivy?” Kendra called. “Where are you going?”

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