Her Loyal Seal(4)

By: Caitlyn O Leary

The younger sister, Beth, looked like she had a lot of nervous energy, and would make it for a while. Clint could tell she had been through some shit. She was paired with Mason, their Lieutenant, and he would treat her with kid gloves.

“Clint? I think I’m going to pass out. I’m sorry.”

How did he tell her it would be a blessing? That the sounds of pain she was making were killing him? “Lydia, it doesn’t matter.”

“If I pass out, then I’m going to be harder for you to carry.”

“In training I’ve had to carry a lot more weight than you. You’re a lightweight in comparison.”

“That can’t be true.” She shifted and held on tighter.

“SEAL training is grueling. They make sure we can handle any contingency, including carrying beautiful women through jungles.” She huffed out a laugh, and warmth bathed his neck.

“So you’re a sweet talker, aren’t I lucky.” Then she sighed, and rested her head on his shoulder and she faded into unconsciousness.

Darius, who had been taking up the rear jogged up beside him.

“I can take her for a while.”

“Maybe in another mile or two.”

“It’s going to rain soon.”

“Yeah, I was tracking a monsoon heading this way.”

Drake, who had been leading, stopped at a clearing. Everyone sat down to rest.

Darius helped Clint to lay Lydia onto her side on a silver survival blanket. She didn’t even stir.

“Go ask Mason how much time we’re going to be here. I want to stitch up her left wrist, and start on her back.” Darius was already opening up his medical gear.

Clint took one last look at Lydia and then walked towards his Lieutenant. He gave a quick chin tilt so he would walk away from the younger sister.

“I told the family they need to let us take care of Lydia,” Mason said. “They want to spend time with her, and I understand. But I explained they all need to conserve their energy and our medic was the best in the Navy.”

“I’m surprised they agreed.”

“They’re dead on their feet. They would have argued, but I think making their way across camp is too much for them.” Mason looked over to where Beth was sitting against a tree. “I’ve been trying to get Beth to talk, but she’s keeping quiet. Something bad happened. Did Lydia talk to you?”

“She said the men tried to rape her sister, but she did something to make them mad, and that’s why they whipped her.” Clint gritted his teeth. His T-Shirt had been soaked through with blood.

“Whatever happened to Beth wasn’t good. I’m glad to hear she wasn’t raped, but she’s definitely been abused. She’s really scared of me. Lydia’s bravery is amazing, but that whipping she took is horrific.”

“I wonder what the parents were doing.” Mason and Clint looked over to where the older Hidalgos were huddled together. “Look, Dare wants to give Lydia some intensive first aid, can we stop for the night?”

“Yep. We’ll camp here until dawn.”

Clint went back to Darius and hunkered down beside him and Lydia. He was getting ready to stitch up Lydia’s wrist.

“These aren’t ideal circumstances.”

“I didn’t hear you bitching this much when you had to sew up Finn,” Clint joked wanly.

“Finn couldn’t give a shit about scars.” Unfortunately Clint knew the drill. He held Lydia’s forearm, and waited for Darius to numb the area. Lydia didn’t flinch. They waited, then Darius did a thorough cleaning of the wound before beginning to sew. He was almost done when she began to wake up.

“Please, no more,” she moaned in Spanish. Clint spoke to her in a soft voice, and he felt like shit as he continued to hold her down.

“How much longer, Dare?”

“Almost done.”

“Shhhh, Lydia, it’s me Clint. I promise you’re safe. Darius is putting stitches into your wrist so you don’t get an infection. Please Lydia, listen to my voice. Can you hear me? You’re safe.” Clint repeated those words over and over.

Finally she heard him. “Clint?” She stopped struggling.

“Yes Baby, it’s me.”

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