Her Dominant SEAL (Midnight Delta Book 9)(8)

By: Caitlyn O Leary


“With the money from these, I can go to college.”

“You were always going to go to college,” Drake said firmly.

The hand on his thigh tightened. “You do too much for us. One day you’ll want to start a family of your own.”

“What are you talking about? You are my family.”

“You haven’t even seen us in over twelve years. You shouldn’t be here. Sheriff Arnold and the Judge Comey said if you came back they’d press charges and you’d go to prison.”

“The statute of limitations is long past. I’d like to see them try.” But Drake knew they’d be looking for some way to make him pay. It wasn’t just his dad who’d gone away back then, it’d been the judge’s son too, and he’d died while at the Pikeville State Prison. After he’d testified against his dad and the judge’s son, the sheriff had manufactured a charge of assault with a deadly weapon against him. He would have ended up in prison too if it had gone to Judge Comey’s court, but Judge Kirkland presided over it and said he had to join the military. He’d also advised never setting foot back in Jasper Creek.

“Trenda said it was dangerous for you to ever come back,” Piper persisted.

“I should have come back years ago,” he muttered under his breath.

“What did you say?”

“I said, call Evie, see if she’s found us a place to stay.”

Chapter Two

Drake laid down his credit card on the front desk of the Elk Condominium Rentals and was stunned at the rate they quoted him for a three-room condo.

“Excuse me? For a condo with three bedrooms?” The rate sounded like something he’d pay for the roadside motel that Piper had originally suggested.

“Drake, it’s good to see you again. Eva called ahead, she said you were coming. I’ve got you signed in under an assumed name.” The man winked at Piper.

“Do I know you?”

“You played ball with my nephew.” He eyed Piper who still had the blanket wrapped around her. “You better get her inside. I have the heat set to seventy in the rooms, but there is also everything you need to start a fire in the fireplace. The kitchen is fully stocked. If you need anything, and I mean anything, call me.”

Drake shook the man’s hand. “What’s your name again?” Drake looked him up and down. It was clear that the man had served.

“Larry Hemet, but my nephew’s name was Parker Evans.”

“I remember him.” Drake saw Piper shiver. “Come on, Tinkerbell, let’s get you settled.” He put his arm around her and nodded to Larry as they headed outside to their rooms.

“Movie stars stay at this place,” Piper said. Drake watched as her words turned to vapor in the cold air.

“You’re pretty enough to be a movie star. I bet the boys are asking you out all the time.”

“No. I’m a bookworm. They never notice me. They still talk about Zoe and Chloe.” That made no sense, granted they were lookers, but they’d been away at college.

“They graduated three and a half years ago, how can they still remember them?” he asked as he hurried them towards building ‘F.'

“The girls were in three of the local Ford dealership commercials. They’re celebrities.” Piper blew into her hands. Drake slung his arm around her shoulders as he hustled her up the stairs to the condo.

Before he put the key card in the lock, the door started to open. He pulled it shut.

“Open this door, Drake Jefferson!” Eva screeched.

He chuckled, and he slowly let loose, so his middle sister didn’t fall on her ass.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” he asked as he ushered Piper in ahead of him.

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