Her Dominant SEAL (Midnight Delta Book 9)(2)

By: Caitlyn O Leary

“How will you recognize me?” she asked hesitantly.

“Hey, we just SKYPED at Christmas, plus I have your picture in my wallet. It’s you after your play in September. You were Rebecca in Our Town.”

He heard her hiccup.

“Really? How’d you get it?”

“Trenda sent it to me.” How could she even doubt it? “Really. She’d be in trouble if she didn’t. I’ll be there in two shakes, Baby Girl. I love you.”

“I love you too.” The tears in her voice about broke his heart. “My minutes are running out. I gotta go.” The phone went dead.

Drake stared at his phone. Holy hell, he was actually going back to Jasper Creek. He’d just turned eighteen the last time he was there. He started to dial his teammate Clint but stopped. The last thing he wanted to do was get his buddies involved in the shitstorm he was heading into, especially now that they had their women to consider. Nope, he wouldn’t risk them. Not when it was his father who was at the heart of this mess.

Then there was Delmar to consider, and his dad’s prison buddies, all of whom would be gunning for him. No this was a family thing, and as much as his Navy SEAL teammates might be family, well, they didn’t need to be dragged down into this special kind of hell. Nope, it was reserved for blood kin.


Drake could handle tired. He could handle pissed. It was scared that got to him. And the only thing that ever got him scared was when people he loved were in danger, it was like his knees turned to water. It wasn’t until he had them firmly behind him so he could protect them, that he felt solid. Then there was always hell to pay.

It took everything he had not to shove the people in front of him out of his way so he could get off the plane quicker at the McGhee Tyson Airport. He needed to get to the rental car place and on the road. It was already getting dark, and he knew it would be freezing outside. The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee was a vastly different climate to the one he had gotten used to in Southern California. He couldn’t give a shit about himself, it was Piper he was worried about.

Drake had to go to baggage claim because he had checked a small bag that included his pistol and a couple of other items that might come in handy. He picked up his suitcase from the carousel then headed to the rental car counter.

“I’m sorry, Sir, but we don’t have your reservation on file,” the pompous young man said with a bit of a sneer. “I can try to get you a car for tomorrow. Right now everything is booked.”

At last, somebody to take his anger out on. “I have the confirmation e-mail here in my phone, Son.” Drake gestured to his phone on the counter.

“I don’t know what to tell you. That confirmation number isn’t pulling up as valid.”

Drake looked over at the other agency lines, and they were long. Two counters had signs up that said there were no rental cars available. He’d had enough of this happy horseshit. He looked at the kid’s nametag.

“Roger, you have three options. You find me a rental car now. You get your manager who will find me a rental car now. Or you give me the keys to your car. I really don’t give a damn which of those options you choose. Do you understand what an executive complaint is? Do you know what will happen when I call your corporate headquarters and say that Roger, of the McGhee Tyson Airport ExecuCar Rental Car Agency, failed to get an active member of the military his rental car when he had a valid confirmation number?”

Drake really wanted to pound the little shit into sand, but that wouldn’t get him the car he needed. He watched with a little bit of disappointment as the tiny asshat turned gray and his fingers flew over the keyboard. The pompous jerk finally looked up with a forehead shiny with perspiration.

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