Her Dirty Professor(41)

By: Penny Wylder

I plaster on as good a smile as I can, "You know I'm always willing to hear new ideas."

"It's one of the things I really love about you." She pauses for way too long. "...and your company."

Nice recovery, I think.

Jennifer steps closer to me; her breasts are practically brushing my arm now. "Is there a time when I can come by your office with the proposal?"

"You can make an appointment with my new secretary. I think her name was--"

"Alyssa. We met." Her voice goes flat.

I knock back the rest of the scotch, and take a step away. "Yes, Alyssa. I'm sure she'll be up to speed with my calendar in a few days."

"Whatever works for you," She says, the purr back in her tone. The innuendo is practically dripping off her words.

"If you'll excuse me, it's been a long day."

I don't wait for her to answer before I walk away. Some things never change, and I've had to make this escape one too many times to be polite about it anymore.

But Alyssa...that could be interesting. I think about the flushed look on her face when she said she wanted nothing but professionalism. A bold statement like that is as much for her as it is for me. I'm willing to bet she was thinking some decidedly unprofessional thoughts about me.

I catch myself following that fantasy through one more time, and pull myself back. Professionalism. I can do that. If it's professionalism she wants, that's exactly what she'll get.

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