Her Adoring SEAL (Midnight Delta Book 3)

By: Caitlyn O Leary

Chapter One

They were going to kill her. Jack gripped his gun as he looked into the storage room. Griff was across the square in the bell tower, and Jack had just gotten word he found three of the other doctors and could take down their captors. Aiden and Dex were on other floors of the hospital looking for hostages and tangos. Their lieutenant was outside ready to give the command to Aiden to start taking out the targets. That left him in the basement to find this horror.

The woman was on her knees, her shirt torn, breasts spilling out, and a face covered in blood and bruises. She had one arm wrapped around a man’s hips like a lover, her cheek pressed against his thigh, and her blonde hair tangled with his pubic hair. That’s where the farce ended. The tip of the knife she held was pressed against his balls, and Jack could see a trickle of blood.

“Come closer and I will cut off his cock,” she said in raspy Spanish.

“Kill her.” The man commanded to the three other men in the room.

“Sir, the bullet could hit you.”

“You’re two feet away. You can’t shoot straight? Kill the bitch!”

The woman flinched, and the knife bit into the man’s tender flesh. He yowled.

“Kill her now, she’s cutting me.”

“You keep talking and threatening me and you’ll never father a child. Tell them to back off.”

Jack admired her bravery, but what did she think she was going to accomplish? How in the hell did she think she was going to get out of this mess?

He backed away. He couldn’t start shooting now because it would endanger the other doctors. They needed a coordinated effort.

He sent a quick text saying he needed a “Go” and fast or they were going to lose a hostage.

His lieutenant replied with ‘two minutes’.

“Just walk up and put a gun to her head, you dumb ass,” the leader said to one of the men.


He’d have to walk in and not shoot for two minutes.

Jack sauntered into the room.

“I wouldn’t do that. Drop your weapons or I’ll kill you all.” All three men wore the exact same uniforms from the penitentiary where they had escaped after the earthquake. Their weapons were guns they probably stolen from the armory there. They eyed Jack’s automatic weapon with trepidation.

“Don’t do it. There are three of you and just one of him!” the leader screamed.

“Don’t forget her.” Jack tipped his head at Carys Adam’s, the American doctor they had been sent to rescue. “She seems to be on my side, and she has your leader by the balls.” He heard her choked laughter.

“Shoot him!”

“I’m supposed to take you in, and return you to the warden, otherwise you’d be dead. Now drop your weapons.” The men hesitated.

“Shoot him!”

A shot rang from upstairs.

Thank Fuck!

He unloaded his gun on the three assholes. Hearing a shriek he turned his head, and saw a spray of blood as the leader’s groin was sliced open.

Jack rushed to the doctor. She was on the floor, underneath the bloody mess of a soon to be dead man.

“Dr. Adams, are you all right?” She didn’t answer. “Carys?”

“I killed him? Did I kill him? I didn’t mean to.” She started to shiver. Jack used what was left of her shirt to wipe away the blood and saw the cut on her chest. He tapped the radio on his wrist.

“Aiden, you done?”

“Affirmative. All tangos down.”

“Get to the basement. Dr. Adams is injured.”


Their whole SEAL team had been sent to Las Flores after the earthquake because of Dr. Carys Adams, the American doctor from Doctors Without Borders, who had been taken hostage.

“I’m Senior Chief Aiden O’Malley ma’am, the team medic,” Aiden said as he got to the storage room and rushed to her side.


“We’re Navy SEALs. We’re going to get you patched up so we can get you home.”

She turned to Jack. “Are you a SEAL too?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Thank you. You saved my life.”

“It looks to me like you were well on your way to saving yourself.”


By the time he got home he was worn out. His team had stayed in Las Flores for three long weeks, helping to track down and capture the remaining escaped convicts. It wasn’t the normal duty for American SEALs, but their lieutenant had made quite a convincing argument to the brass to help the locals.

Unlike most of his team mates, who lived near the Pacific Ocean, Jack lived more on the inland side of San Diego. He liked the dry rolling hills during summer, it reminded him of the part of Texas where he was born and raised. When he opened the door to his condo he was hit by a wave of heat and went straight to the thermostat. Jack breathed in a sigh of relief as the air conditioning kicked in. Going to the kitchen he filled a pitcher of water and headed to the cactus and succulent garden near his sliding glass door. They were still doing well despite his absence. Obviously Mrs. Marsh had checked in on his plants. After watering them, he finally did what he’d been longing to do.