Her Accidental Husband(3)

By: Ashlee Mallory

Even if the news became the source of her mother’s unbridled excitement, certain she’d been responsible for the union    .

The announcement overhead gave her an out from any further lecture. “Mother, they’re boarding now,” Payton interrupted with a sense of relief. “My flight lands in Puerto Vallarta at six tonight. I’ll call you when I arrive.”

She felt a twinge of guilt as she disconnected and stared down at her phone. Brad had been working extra hard these past few months, true, but it was because he wanted to give her everything. How could she begrudge him that?

She thought of how angry and short she’d been with him when he called her last night from New York, telling her that he wouldn’t make it this weekend after all. The arrival of two dozen roses hadn’t softened her feelings, and she’d dumped them in the nearest garbage can as soon as they arrived.

Am I being unreasonable?

She’d heard about the dreaded Bridezillas who turn into egocentric tyrants and thought that everything revolved around them and their “big day.” She’d never considered herself one of them, almost as reluctant as Brad to participate in all the planning her mother started. But maybe she’d been unreasonable…

“We’ll now begin boarding all first class travelers to Puerto Vallarta.”

A glance over at Cruz showed him still furiously typing on his keyboard. Come on. No one typed that fast. He had to be showing off.

She only had a moment, so she’d have to be quick. Rising, she grabbed the handle of her carry-on, slung her purse over her wrist, and pushed her way against the crowd now heading toward the boarding gate—which left the space around the large pillar wide open. Perfect for some privacy.

She pressed the FaceTime button on her phone, wanting to see Brad and tell him she understood and was sorry.

It kept ringing. Three rings. Four.

She glanced at the time. It was four-forty Dallas time, putting New York at nearly six. He had to be finished with his meeting by now.

On the sixth ring, she was about to push cancel when the call was accepted.

It took her a moment to see what was on the screen in her hand. The picture was kind of dark and grainy, but the image of the long-haired brunette woman, lying back on a bed, naked—at least from the waist up—was hard to miss.

“Hello? Can I help you?” The woman asked in a sultry, albeit antagonistic tone.

“I’m—I’m—” Payton’s throat felt drier than the dry Texas air, and she couldn’t find words.

“Did I hear the phone?” It was a man’s voice, somewhere off screen.

Brad’s voice.

“I think someone’s trying to reach you?” The woman on the screen was saying and, as she sat up, it was hard to miss the massive breasts that spilled forward.

Who answers someone’s phone stark naked?

She really didn’t want to see anymore. But at the same time, she needed to see his face. To confirm that this wasn’t some mix-up. Confirm that Brad was the man in the room alone with this naked bimbo.

A hand on her arm tried to pull her attention up but she kept her eyes trained on the screen. Brad’s tousled blond hair and naked upper torso came into focus just as the screen went dark.

He’d disconnected.

“Is something wrong? I’m pretty sure they’re boarding your class.”


She finally looked up from the phone to find Cruz Sorensen staring down at her from his ridiculously towering height, a hint of impatience in his tone. As usual.

Was something wrong? She snorted. Only if you think having your fiancé screw around on you weeks before your nuptials was a problem.

She looked up into those sharp brown eyes, the brows furrowed in what some people who didn’t know him better might call concern.

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