Hell or High Water (The Four Horsemen MC Book 8)(2)

By: Sara Rayne

“Right.” He turned to follow her. “I’ll take you home. My car’s out back and my buddy Bryan left with some chick an hour ago. No fun staying here if you’re leaving anyway….”

“No!” She cleared her throat and toned down the enthusiasm. “I mean, no, thank you. Stay and enjoy the party. Nice talking to you.”

“Shame we didn’t do more than talk.” He caught her wrist and tugged her against his chest in an awkward hug. The odor of Axe spray and cheap beer assailed her nose. Ah, the familiar scent of campus douche. “Have fun studyin’, good girl.”

She shook him off, disappointed with the standards of the girls in her hall who fawned over him every time he flexed. Did they fall for his reverse psychology crap? Maybe they focused on his pretty face instead of listening to what he said.

Lex spotted Josie and her male entourage trooping into the kitchen. She elbowed her way through the intoxicated throng of dancers to follow them. With skin the color of hot cocoa and dark hair pinned up on the sides of her head into a riot of tight spirals on top, Josie sat cross-legged on the counter by the open window. Her cinnamon eyes danced with delight.

“Lex! Where you been, girl? And more importantly, why are you sober? You should be shaking your ass on a table right now.” Men stood on either side of her, filling her glass, offering her a lighter, carrying her ashtray. In one hand, she held a glass of wine, in the other a joint.

Unlike Lex, Josie had no qualms about having a good time—or telling anyone who didn’t like her or her behavior to go fuck themselves. Lex wished she could be so fearless.

“Being creeped out by the starting lineup.” She propped a hip against the doorway.

“Why? You could use some tail—might as well be a tailback.” Josie waggled her eyebrows.

“No, thank you. Mr. Quarterback isn’t as hot as he thinks he is. And even if he was, the illusion was ruined when he opened his mouth.” Lex shook her head. “Afraid I have to leave before my carriage turns into a pumpkin, anyway.”

“Non, you must stay! Please?” Josie batted her dark eyes.

A smile tugged at Lex’s mouth. Her friend’s soft Creole accent always reminded her of a certain biker with eyes like quicksilver.

“This is our last night together—ever… Unless you’ve reconsidered my offer to visit New Orleans? Take a spring break trip? Or a semester hiatus, eh?”

“No can do. If I want to graduate on time, I have to stick to my—”

“Your priorities, oui, I know.” Josie gestured widely with her glass. “Plans are boring. Laissez les bon temps rouler!”

“Let the good times roll”—the rallying party cry of Josie’s hometown—summed up the petite Creole’s personality in a nutshell. Josie was smashed and having a blast. Her light-hearted spirit had gotten Lex through many stressful times, from pulling all-nighters to agonizing over the meaning of Voo’s text messages.

“You could always visit me.”

“Hook me up with one of your hunky bikers and I might,” Josie purred. “Or better yet, bring them with you.”


“Just saying—if you’re not spending winter break with that tall, dreadlocked glass of water, feel free to forward him to my new address. I’ll clear my schedule.”

Lex laughed.

“Stay a bit longer, have a drink—you didn’t even drive tonight.”

“I didn’t drive to avoid dealing with the construction in front of campus, not so I could drink. I have a date with a blue book early tomorrow morning.” Driving around all those orange barrels gave her the jitters.

Josie lifted sad eyes, her lips puckered in a disappointed pout.

“You’re giving me shit for wanting to pass my finals? Nothing goes with studying like a side of guilt.” Lex crossed her arms and raised a brow.

“Fine, fine, but once I get you in my city, I’m going to teach you how to have fun, girl. You wait and see—me and my cousin will take you out on the town.” Josie lifted her glass, leading the room in a toast. “For now, I salute you and your fearsome work ethic, ‘Lex the Buzzkill!’”