Healing Hearts 4: Mission to Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer


“I want those shipments. I don’t care who has to die. Get them from that holding facility. It’s in the middle of nowhere.”

“Now is not the time to draw attention to any of us, Kerrin. I can get you more weapons, drugs, women, whatever the fuck you need,” Rosen Armique said calmly over the phone, but he really wasn’t feeling so calm. He didn’t like how things went down a month ago, how Wegman wound up dead by federal agents and some military special forces guys, nor the buzz he picked up on around some of the businesses Rosen was a silent partner in. He needed to be cautious and to calm Kerrin down before he did something stupid and got them all busted. It was a tricky situation. Kerrin was into crazy shit, including providing women for clients negotiating money deals in and out of the US. Rosen saw it as a lucrative business, as well, and was working with a few trusted men to get in on this business. It seemed to him that the trickiest part was getting the women out of the country. Once they did that, it was clear sailing. Investigators wouldn’t risk or waste manpower at that point. He had ideas, and with Victoria’s help, this could be quite profitable and his own hands wouldn’t need to get dirty.

“I have very powerful, important clients coming in every weekend for the next several months. They have particular tastes, and one coming in this weekend enjoys being surrounded by beautiful women. There are six others accompanying them, and each of those individuals have particular tastes. Now in order to appease him, my gifts were those weapons that are stored at the warehouse, some additional drugs for their entertainment, and of course women. I need guns and drugs yesterday, Rosen.”

“Not a problem. Just stay clear of that warehouse, will you? I have some plans in motion, and believe me, we’ll be pocketing so much money that one warehouse won’t faze us at all.”

“I hope so. When will I get what I need?”

Rosen looked at his watch and then at Gorbin and Fulta, his main guys. “My men will have it delivered by tomorrow afternoon.”

“Very well. I heeded your advice, Rosen. I hope that you will soon come to one of the events at my estate.”

“I look forward to it in the near future.” He ended the call and then explained the situation.

“We’ll take care of it, Rosen. You also need to call Victoria back,” Gorbin told him.

“Why is that?”

“She has information for you on one of the individuals who was behind that raid and Wegman’s death.”

“I’m not sure I really care at this point. I think I need to cut my losses.”

“She said you would be interested to know,” Gorbin added. Rosen squinted and nodded.

“Take care of that for me, and let me know when it’s done and delivered. I’ll call her now.”

The other two men exited the room, and Rosen exhaled and then called Victoria.

“Hello, Victoria.”

“Rosen, I take it you’ve heard from Kerrin.”

“Indeed, and everything is going to work out fine, thanks to you of course,” he complimented. Victoria was an exceptional woman. Besides her incredible and successful businesses, she was combat trained and a survivor of military bombings and takeovers in her home country of Syria. She had a deep hatred for Americans, especially soldiers. She was a crucial asset to gathering women across the world to satisfy specific orders of wealthy businessmen.

“You know I come through for you every time. However, I haven’t gotten any personal requests from you,” she said, flirting with him.

“I’ve been busy.”

“I’ve got some gorgeous young ones ripe for the taking just in from Madrid.”

“I appreciate the offer.”

“You could always use one of my secret locations if you have your own toy in mind and want to bring her. Just say the word. It’s the least I could do for such a close friend like you.”

He knew she wanted to sleep with him, but he didn’t want or need complications. And the woman was a dominatrix, and that wasn’t his thing. He was the one who dominated.

“I’ll keep that in mind. I’m a bit busy with business dealings.”

“Which leads me to why I wanted to talk to you, Rosen. I got the confirmation I was waiting on. A certain agent you despise was right there in the middle of the action. In fact, he seemed to initiate the investigation into Vince and that small-time idiot, Cavanaugh. To think that a nobody caused such destruction is almost laughable.”