Healing Hearts 12: Road to Happiness

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer


“Why are you whimpering? You enjoyed it.”

Amber could barely open her swollen eyes. She was sobbing. She squinted, watching Charles Muller zip up his pants. The sick, abusive asshole had blood, her blood, on his dress shirt. He didn’t care. He got what he wanted. He got off on being in charge and having control and command over everyone. Things would only get worse for Amber. She wanted to die. Just die so she wouldn’t have to feel the pain, the abuse, any more. He was so rough. Extra rough the last few times because he knew she didn’t respect him or want him as a lover, like other women did. She hadn’t asked to be his woman, but had wound up his possession.

Charles took what he wanted when he wanted it. She didn’t belong here.

“You can’t go out looking like some beaten-up whore. That should teach you not to flirt with other men and to know you’re mine. There won’t be any other men but me. I own you.” He scolded her and licked his lips while looking over her curves. He reached his palm out to stroke her thigh. She could feel the bruises on her hips. He squeezed where the finger marks were, and she gasped.

“That’s right. You’ve got no one. Oh, and your brother? He’s dead. So don’t think he’ll come here to rescue you.”

“What?” she asked, and more tears fell. She tried lifting up, and he shoved her by her shoulders and straddled her waist.

“Don’t, please. Oh God, please, Charles.” She begged for him not to hurt her more. She couldn’t believe that Rusty was dead. What happened? Where was he? How did things go so wrong?

He trailed a finger along her throat and then to her abundant breasts. He stroked the nipple, and she felt like puking. Her brother was dead? She would never be rescued. Never saved from this madman’s hold.

“Your destiny lies in my hands, Amber James. You are mine to do with as I please. Follow Fender’s orders and listen to Gloria as she preps you for tonight. I have the feeling by the end of this stressful day, I’ll need to vent and find relief. Oh, and a special surprise.” He caressed her jaw, tilted her chin up, and then stared at her breasts and lower as he licked his lips. “There’ll be an audience.”

Her eyes widened, and she shook her head.

He gripped her chin tightly.

“You are mine. I own you, so If I decide to share or tease a few friends with watching, then so be it, and you will comply, or it’s the chamber for you,” he threatened her.

The chamber. Oh God, no, not that room. Not the drugs he filled her with. The ones that left her mind frazzled and where she couldn’t decipher hallucination from reality.

“Please, Charles, not the chamber. Please,” she begged, and then thought of how she could escape or maybe how she could take her life. Rusty wasn’t coming for her. He had failed her once again. Failed to protect her from this man he owed money and his life, too, not her. Failed to come back and rescue her and allowed Amber to become a victim. Used property, a man who stole from her body every chance he got. Her brother was a military man. Someone she had once been proud of. Instead of using his military skills for good, he used them for criminal activities. He chose money over morals, values, and look where it got him? In trouble with a man like Charles Muller. A man who had his hands in everything illegal under the sun. Her brother was a crook, a thief, and his debt payment for screwing over Charles was Amber.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. He slid a finger along her throat, then down her breast, over her mound, and gave her a wink. “I’m never going to give you up, Amber. Never going to let another man own you, or claim you his. You’re just too perfect for me, so I’ll keep you around. Well…as long as you submit.” He gripped her chin. “Say it,” he ordered, and she felt sick, angry, but more scared than anything.

“As you wish, my master.”

He smiled softly.

“That’s right. Gloria will come for you within the hour. Be ready and be cooperative, or I will send you to the chamber for the night.”

He was firm, and she knew all too well how bad that room was. How exposed she was to anyone who wanted to view that he allowed. They could see her through the mirrors around the room as she was tied up and drugged up. Why couldn’t she overdose and die? Why did this happen to her?