Healing Hearts 11: Tell Me You Love Me(8)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

He began to inject the drugs into her body, and then moved her. She didn’t react. Didn’t moan. Her breathing was so low, he could hardly feel it. She would die. He placed her into the bathroom as he felt would look the best when she was found. He washed her up, flushed his condom down the toilet, and then flushed several more times. He made the bed, made sure there was nothing there to indicate the bed was used. He then cleaned up anything he thought might indicate his prints. If he did this right, they wouldn’t even think foul play, they would think overdose and not look for prints.

When he was satisfied with the scene, he slowly opened the door with a handkerchief, looked into the hallway, added the “Do Not Disturb” sign, and then headed toward the stairwell. He kept his head down, making sure if there were any cameras that he wouldn’t be seen. He had already checked earlier but he had to be sure. It would work out fine. He had checked out of his hotel yesterday, then made sure he talked to the front desk attendant about his touring of the area all day today and tonight before he was scheduled to leave on his plane back to South Carolina by noon time. An alibi, just to cover his tracks. He was good, and everyone underestimated his capabilities. Including his father.

With thoughts of Jovani Pinioli, came thoughts of Melina, and how badly his father wanted her in his bed and how he caused her to leave. She had been perfect, and he could live his double life, with her by his side looking like the perfect model wife, and behind closed doors he would train her to be his submissive. His slave and sexual fantasy come true. But that all changed when his father trapped her in his office and demanded she pay attention to him, or lose her job and her life. His father even told her about Allen’s indiscretions, and how he was currently in a hotel room fucking some slut, because Melina wasn’t into the dirty bedroom play he enjoyed. His father ruined everything, but when Allen got his second chance with her, he would make sure he got everything he wanted, and his father got nothing at all.

Chapter 2

“This is not fucking good. Not at all!” Trek whispered into his wrist mic.

“Shit, shit, shit, we’re fucked,” Vetter added.

“Calm down and—”

Blade heard the shot, then saw Morris go down. “Son of a bitch, Morris is hit. He’s down. Move in now. Blow everything the fuck up. Detonate it all,” he ordered, and then hurried to make it to Morris’s location. Bullets whizzed by his head, something stung his arm but he didn’t care, his focus was getting to Morris before those troops of terrorists did. They began to fire at him and head toward Morris, who wasn’t moving. An explosion knocked him onto his ass, but also took out several of the men running toward Morris’s location. His brothers, Trek and Vetter, were setting off the other bombs.

“Go in and grab the package. I’ll get Morris,” he ordered just as the men reached Morris, and then the shots rang out from the ground. His brother was alive. Morris shot the men coming to kill him.

“Morris!” Blade yelled, and saw the blood on his brother’s thigh. He got shot in the leg, it was clear through he determined as he ripped the pant leg and saw the damage. He reached into his bag and hurried up to apply bandages. His brother moaned and groaned but kept his gun on the building. Blade jerked as he heard the gun go off several times. Morris was shooting men coming at them. Another explosion erupted.

“We need to fucking move,” Morris commanded.

“In a second. Fuck,” Blade said, and finished up and then pressed his mic.

“The package?”

“Secured. We are on route to truck through the northeast side of building,” Vetter said.

“We’ll meet you,” Blade said, and then helped his brother up.

“Fuck!” Morris yelled, and then Blade heard gunfire. Morris fell to the ground and they turned and fired. Blade took two hits to his vest and one to his arm.

“Fuck!” he roared, and then fired his weapon, along with Morris, and took out the last—he hoped—of the enemy soldiers.

They headed toward the pick-up point to meet their brothers. It was a fucking struggle to say the least. Blade’s adrenaline was pumping. He wasn’t going to die out here, and he wasn’t going to let his brother die either. When they got around the first building to the clearing, and before the second set of buildings and the truck, more shots rang out. It was darker now, visibility worsening as night was setting in. As they approached the truck, he saw Vetter tossing a grenade. The explosion rocked another area, but the gunfire stopped. Vetter got behind the wheel. A man, beaten and out cold lay in the back. They got in and took off down the dirt road and to the pick up point.