Healing Hearts 11: Tell Me You Love Me(7)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

* * * *

“Let go of me,” Priscilla raised her voice. The backhand to her mouth shocked her. This was bad. Really bad. She never should have accepted this business trip. She should have quit months ago when Allen kept pursuing her, and then started making a habit of kissing her and feeling her up in the office. His threats of firing her and destroying any chances of her being hired elsewhere made her keep her mouth shut. This though, this was over the edge. He got her hotel room key and entered. She was barely dressed, only wearing a robe as she got out of the shower.

“Please don’t do this, Allen. Please stop this.”

His hand cupped her breast and the other pushed between her legs as he forced her onto the bed.

“No, I don’t want this.”

“Yes you do. You’ve been looking at me all night, and back at the office you let me touch you. You want me to fuck you. I know you do. You’re all the same.” He pulled the robe open.

She shoved her palm up under his chin, stunning him. She then ran for the door, not even caring that the robe fell from her body and she was naked. Before she could even unlock the door, he was on her, pulling her back. She screamed. His hand slammed over her mouth and the threats came.

“Shut up or you will lose your fucking job. Your life. I’ll take everything from you. You know I can, too. I’ve got money and power, and you have twenty thousand in a savings account,” he said, and shoved her onto her belly, then spread her thighs and pressed over her, locking her in place.

“I won’t let you get away with this. I’ll call the police. You’ll be arrested for rape, for assault, and for sexual harassment for all these months. I documented everything.”

“You dare to threaten me?” he raged, and started swinging.

The pain was terrible, and as he moved off of her, she slid to the rug gasping for breath. She couldn’t even take a full one.

“I’m always prepared. All you cunts are the same,” he said, and then she felt the prick of the needle to her shoulder.

She didn’t know what was happening. She felt her body lose energy, and then the room began to spin. It was like she was out of her body, but still knew what was happening. He lifted her back onto the bed, his mouth was everywhere, and she knew he was going to rape her. What had he given her?

“You’ll never get away with this. I’ll make sure of it,” she said, and wasn’t sure if she even said the words right, because then her mind went numb—but not his actions, the feel of his hands, or his attack on her. Finally, darkness overtook her vision.

* * * *

Allen Pinioli stared at the brunette on the bed. He needed to think clearly. Could the drugs not work? Could she remember what happened and try to press charges? Claim he raped her? He ran his fingers through his hair. He could make sure that didn’t happen. He knew what to do. Had done it before when things got out of hand. He walked over to the bag he brought into the room. He thought for sure that Priscilla would be more receptive to his foreplay. To the roleplaying and him breaking into her place, joining her in the shower. Had he read the signals wrong? She was accepting to his flirting, his touching for weeks. Shit. She was a cock tease. He started to set up the drugs. Added heroine to the needle and walked over to her. He had to set the stage. Prepare her body to be found to look like an overdose. There was bruising on her cheek and her mouth, but nowhere else as far as he could see. He stroked her skin. She wasn’t anything like Melina. Melina was young, gorgeous, pure, and Priscilla was older, mature, sexy in her given right, but nearly thirty. He nibbled his bottom lip and refocused on what needed to be done.

He could make it look like she hit her face and lip on the bathtub, then fell to the floor. The robe should be half on her body, as if she injected her arm with the drugs. These were laced, so it would look like a bad batch caused the overdose. The ecstasy he gave her would be long gone by morning by the time the maid came. He could put the do not disturb sign on the door and then no one would bother her until check out in two days. Maybe. At least it would buy another several hours for her to die from the drugs. He had to shoot her up with so much that she would overdose. That way it wasn’t like he physically killed her. If he had to, he would. He’d done that before.