Healing Hearts 11: Tell Me You Love Me(6)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Definitely,” she replied, and caressed his chest with her hand.

Melina watched Knight kiss her next, then Flynn give her a wink as he held the keys to their SUV in his hand.

Cavanaugh looked at Melina. “You sure you want to drive your own car? We have plenty of room in the SUV,” he asked.

“I’m positive, plus I know how much you all enjoy your alone time with Jo,” she said, and winked.

Jo gasped.

“That we do,” Knight said, and squeezed her ass.

Even Melina blushed as she chuckled, then grabbed her keys and purse and followed them out of the house.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the venue meeting up with Amber, Francesca, and London. As well as Afina and her men, plus their other friends were around as well. It was a huge arena that hosted lots of events, this one in particular was a combination country music festival with a lot of local performers and some headliners. They were heading between the vendor booths and Melina was behind them when she heard her name.


She turned to see Nelly Port, a woman she used to work with back at Slader Corp. That was where her problems started with Allen and his father, who were partners in the firm with Alfred Slader, who owned more of the firm’s shares then Jovani did. She greeted Melina with a hug.

Nelly looked her over. “My God, you look amazing.”

“So do you,” Melina replied.

Nelly smoothed her hands along her blue jeans. “I don’t look as good as you. I swear you got more beautiful.”

Melina chuckled. “How is everything?”

“Ahhh…I’m still working at Slader Corp, and they’re doing awesome so I guess I won’t quit.”

Melina squinted at her. “You don’t like it?”

“I don’t like certain people there, and well the men, are still as annoying as ever. You were smart to leave when you did. Of course, Allen and his father were pissed off. I think Mr. Pinioli tore his son a new asshole over your breakup, never mind you quitting.”

Melina felt uncomfortable. She left hoping no one would know why, but Allen did make it obvious that he was hot for her and very possessive.

“I’m glad I did as well. Things have worked out a lot better.”

“Where are you working now?”

“Renaldi Technologies, not far from here.”

“Very nice. I’ve heard great things about them. A bit of a different industry as Slader Corp.”

“I needed a change, and this position allows me to use my computer tech skills for software development besides communications and sales.”

“Do you get to travel?”

“Yes, I do, but not too much. A few times a year to Europe and then just to sister companies in New York and California mostly.”

“That’s great. I don’t get to travel. I would love to, but considering I’m engaged, I suppose I would hate it.”

“Engaged?” Melina asked.

Nelly smiled wide. “Yes, over there. The three tall, good-looking soldiers. They’re mine,” she said, and Melina looked over to where the three men had their eyes on Nelly.

“Very nice. Congratulations.”

“Thanks. Oh, you know who else is still working at Slader? Priscilla Bane. She left yesterday for a business trip. Although she said she thinks she’s going to hand in her resignation soon. I think something happened, but she wouldn’t say what.”

Melina’s gut clenched.

“Hey, we should exchange numbers and meet up for drinks or something. Priscilla would love to see you and hang out.”

“Sure,” Melina replied, and they exchanged numbers.

“It was good seeing you. I’ll text you next week when she gets back and we can meet up.”

“Sounds great. Enjoy the concert,” Melina said.

“You too,” Nelly replied, and gave her another hug good-bye.

Melina smiled. She had liked Nelly, and even Priscilla, although she didn’t work much with Priscilla. It might be fun to get together for drinks. At least it didn’t seem like Nelly knew why Melina really left. That Allen’s father tried to seduce her into bed, and then threatened her. Melina thought she was going to be jobless. Thank God for Mr. Renaldi. Melina met up with her friends and enjoyed the concert, even when her mind roamed off to thoughts of Morris and his brothers. She just couldn’t get them out of her head.