Healing Hearts 11: Tell Me You Love Me(4)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

When her friends came over and joined them and the conversation between the five of them was interrupted, things changed and slowly they left her with her friends, making her wonder if she had made a mistake fooling around with Morris. The next thing she knew, Morris and his brothers were kissing Joanna good-bye, shaking hands with the men as they wished Morris, Blade, Vetter, and Trek good luck, and told them to be careful. She realized they were heading out on a mission or a job or whatever. She felt instantly scared, concerned. She looked at Morris, his hardcore expression, and got nothing. He turned and walked away with his brothers, making her feel like what happened between them meant nothing at all. She felt like shit. Felt used again like with Allen, and it brought tears to her eyes and a pain to her chest. Thank God she hadn’t let him fuck her in that bedroom. Holy shit, she was stupid. Hadn’t she learned a damn thing from Allen and his father? Men were pigs. They wanted sex, to possess a woman and claim they got to “tap that”. She would have looked like nothing but an easy slut. She felt guilty, dirty, but then she thought about how it felt being with Morris. She liked him. A lot. The only reason why she didn’t go all the way was because she wasn’t a slut. She didn’t look at sex as meaningless, and she thought better of herself and learned from the past. Apparently, she didn’t learn as much as she’d hoped. Morris used her, plain and simple. He left for some mercenary thing and not even a smile, a wink, a kiss good-bye or an acknowledgement that she was more than just a woman who he made come and who made him come. It seemed she hadn’t learned her lesson at all. Men couldn’t be trusted, or allowed to get so close. Never would that happen to her again.

* * * *

“This doesn’t give us much time to pack up. We’ll need our gear that’s in the lockers in the garage. I’ll text Corona or Ace to see if they can do some drivebys of the house while we’re gone, since Jo is staying with her men while she’s healing,” Morris said, already in commander mode and thinking about this mission that popped up. It was going to be a doozey, and one he hoped him and his brothers, his team, could avoid.

“I can’t believe they went for the overpriced bid. They must really need this guy to return safe and sound,” Trek said.

“You know this isn’t going to be easy, and it will take a while to plan things out in order to extract him from the location,” Vetter said next.

“We’ll do it,” Blade added. “Glad we have some time to sober up. I was enjoying the night. Especially the last hour.”

“Yeah, what was with you guys and Melina? You both made a move?” Vetter asked.

“I didn’t make a move. Morris did. Disappeared with her for about thirty minutes. Back bedroom I believe,” Blade said.

“What?” Vetter asked, sounding shocked.

“Doesn’t matter. Focus on the mission. Get in the right state of minds. We need to be on our game big time,” Morris said.

“Come on, Morris. We got plenty of time to get into the zone and our military mode. What happened between you and Melina?” Trek asked.

He exhaled. “Let’s just say she’s sweeter than I expected, and packs one hell of a punch,” Morris replied.

“You made out with her? Felt her up? Tasted her? Hell, did you have sex with her?” Vetter asked.

“Things got wild and crazy fast. One second, I’m staring at her across the fucking backyard and she looked hot as usual, and she’d been drinking, ya know so I was careful not to make a move. Then I follow her. We meet up in the hallway and just stared at one another and that’s it. We’re all over each other, kissing, and I’m feeling her up. Her body is incredible. She’s stunning, sexy, and the attraction, holy fuck. I nearly fucked her in that room,” he said, and ran his hand through his hair.

Vetter whistled. “That sounds incredibly hot.”

“She doesn’t seem like the type to sleep around,” Trek added.

“Definitely not or it would have happened. She put on the brakes but wasn’t happy about it. I wasn’t either, but we improvised.”

“Improvised how?” Blade asked.