Healing Hearts 11: Tell Me You Love Me

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer


It was a celebration. The music was loud, everyone had been drinking, having a great time. They were all celebrating life, Joanna’s safety, and the end to the danger she had been involved in. Melina felt a little tipsy as she sipped her rum concoction and swayed her hips to the music. Morris Flemming, the sexy, gorgeous mercenary, was in a dead stare at her. He was hot, and so were his brothers, Trek, Vetter, and Blade. She was attracted to them and that scared her. With men like these, intimidation didn’t quite give her sensation justice as an intense enough word. Their muscles, their determined expressions, the hardness in their eyes and demeanor should be warning signs. They weren’t commitment types at all. Certainly being involved with military excursions, privately—and from her understanding, dangerous daredevil, fearless excursions at that—she didn’t need the trouble they would come with.

Her heart ached a little despite the buzz. Her mind drifted to Allen, her ex who broke her heart, and of course to his father, Jovani Pinioli, who till this day sought her out, and affected her professional career in business. She swallowed hard, not wanting to think about the way he tried to seduce her from under his son’s nose, or how Allen cheated on her then cost her the old job she had. She was past that, by a year and counting. The new company, Renaldi Technologies was up and coming, beginning to expand internationally. One of her goals and major accomplishments was inventing a computer software program for restaurants and clubs to run more efficiently. It had been a dream when she dated Allen, but had not become a reality because he was the center of attention. He demanded a lot. Wanted her as a trophy girlfriend, good-looking, smart and an attention grabber. Mostly just good-looking so others were envious. Apparently. She wasn’t enough woman for him because he cheated on her shortly after they discussed marriage.

The fact that his father wanted her in his bed too was beyond creepy, and he could have cost her her career. But Melina was smart, convincing in her interview with her current boss Mr. Rinaldi, and he could see her potential. It would pay off for both of them, but mostly for her. This software was about to go public with a patent, and a price tag making her an instant millionaire. She had done it, and without a man, without Allen, who thought he could make or break her.

The company was growing in leaps and bounds, thanks to her, and could send her overseas by next month. A trip to beautiful Tuscan, Italy. She took another sip of her drink, finishing it off, then glanced away from those Flemming men. She smiled, envious in a way of Joanna, now having nine brothers instead of four. She looked happy, despite her bruises and injuries, and her men were at her side, comforting her and putting her first. A look around the room, and she saw her other friends in ménage relationships, with their men nearby, caressing them, taking care of them, and being possessive and loving. She longed for a scene like that for herself. Whether one man or oh God, more than one who would put her first. Would make her the center of their universe, and well…love her. Her heart ached. Men like that were few and far between. Perhaps her friends snagged the last good ones.

She headed toward the house, feeling good, despite her sad thoughts, and the slight numbness making the memories of her past less painful. She went to the bathroom, then finished up, gripping the sink as she felt a little more of the buzz. Fresh air again, and then some water. She headed down the long, dark hallway and toward the other end of the house. Morris came into sight causing her to stop in her tracks. She stared at him and he stared at her.

That blondish-brown crew cut hair, and dark blue eyes she couldn’t quite make out from here but knew he had. Thick, solid muscles, six feet four, a hardcore man of steel and military capabilities she only read about in her romance novels. Her lips parted and she had to pull it together to continue walking. As she did, he reached out and snagged her around the waist. She gasped and gripped onto his forearms. He stared down into her eyes, making her feel like he could see to her soul. It was crazy, and then came the emotions, the desire, the lust.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off of you. I don’t like this feeling,” he said to her.