Haunted From Within (BOOK TWO) - Peter's Story

By: Ian C. P. Irvine

Haunted from Within :(BOOK TWO)

Peter's Story


May 1st

9 p.m.



Peter relaxed in his large warm bath, drinking the hot cup of tea that he had just poured himself from the tea-making machine provided in the hotel room.

Finding a room had been quite easy. The summer season hadn't yet begun and it was the middle of the week.

Kayleigh, the wife of his new best friend, the local constable, had made a quick call to her friend who ran the guesthouse just opposite the entrance to the bridge on the other side of the gorge. A few minutes later, Peter had been given a large room, front of house on the second floor overlooking the gorge.

From his window he could see the iron bridge in all its glory, the hill and the house at the top which he had visited earlier, and the forest behind.

As he lay in the bath, letting the stress of the day and the journey fade away, he thought about his conversation earlier with Kayleigh and her husband. It had been both interesting and quite scary.

The conversation had started with pleasantries. He had thanked her again for coming to help him when he had fainted on the bridge, and they had welcomed him to the gorge.

They had lived here now for about ten years, choosing to move here from louder and dirtier Birmingham. Kayleigh had met Alex whilst working as a nurse, hence her caring nature, in the City Hospital in Birmingham. One night he had accompanied a young man to hospital who'd been arrested but needed some medical attention...and 'ever since then he's accompanied me...' Kayleigh smiled.

Peter had looked across at Alex, and he had nodded and laughed.

"So, what brings a reporter from the Edinburgh Evening News down to this part of the world?" Alex had asked, as Peter knew he would.

"It's a rather interesting and slightly incredible and unbelievable story...but one which has really caught my interest, and I want to find out if there is any truth to it all,...although I already think there might be." Peter had begun to explain the cover story he had made up for what he was going to do. "I can't tell you too much about it because I have only just started my investigations, but...Perhaps I should ask first of all, if either of you believe in clairvoyance?"

Alex had looked at his wife, and then back at Peter.

"Actually, no. I don't," the policeman had replied. "...But Kayleigh does. She's right into that sort of stuff. Bugs the hell out of me though."

"Well, basically I am checking out the dreams or visions, whatever you might want to call them...of a clairvoyant. She claims to have seen a series of murders take place in her mind, that no one else seems to know anything about. I am trying to find out if there is any truth to what she claims to have seen. If I find there is, I will hopefully get the biggest story of my career so far. It's that simple, and that daft, really."

"So, you've come all the way down here to check out a dream?"

"Dreams. There's more than one."

"Well, good luck to you, son. Sorry, Peter, I'm just about to be late for my shift, and this is more Kayleigh's scene than mine, so I think I will leave you two alone."

"Okay," Peter said, starting to rise politely as the policeman moved towards the door. "...But before you go, can I ask if there have been any recent murders or people reported missing in Ironbridge in the past few years...I can't tell when it happened, but I'm very interested in the cottages at the top of the hill. In fact, No. 8 in the last row at the top of the hill...?"

The policeman stopped in the doorway, turned and looked straight at Peter.

"No. 8?"

"Yes...that's the one...I'm sorry, I don't know the street name yet."

The policeman and his wife exchanged glances, and Alex took a step back into the room, waving his large hand at Peter's chair and indicating for him to sit back down again.

"No. 8? Interesting. So, Peter..." the police constable said as he sat down beside Peter and opposite his wife at the kitchen table. "…Just what did this clairvoyant of yours tell you had happened?"

"Why?" Peter asked, noticing the change of atmosphere in the room, and the sudden interest of the local police constable. "Has something happened there?"

"I think perhaps, you should tell me first, what your clairvoyant claims might have happened there?"

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