Harley & Rose(127)

By: Carmen Jenner

“Mom,” Peter says. “I kind of liked her hair.”

“Whose?” I stare down at him in confusion. “Grandmas?”

“No, Jane’s. She had princess hair. Maybe I can sneak into her window like Pan and steal her away to Neverland.”

“Well,” I say with a quiet laugh. “It would be an awfully big adventure.”


To my darling non-husband Ben, you are my EVERYTHING! Thanks for being my confidante, my soul mate, my sounding board, my “Pan”. You see a side of me that not everyone else gets to see. When I’m stressed and broken, deliriously tired and cackling like a crazy person or sobbing so hard I can barely breathe because of what my characters are putting me through, you are there through all of it. You remind me to laugh, and breathe and you kick my bum when I feel like I can’t keep going, and I’m forever grateful. Seriously though, read my damn books already!

Ava Rose and Ari Danger, I love you more than the sun, and more than the stars, and more than the moon, and more than mars, and WAY MORE THAN … CHICKENS!

To my gorgeous family both blood and extended, I LOVE YOU!

To my beautiful beta readers Ali Hymer, Kristine Barakat, and Kristina Zolnar. You girls rock my freaking world! Each of you are so valuable to my beta process and I’m honored to have your eyes viewing my words before the rest of the world. Thank you for being so patient with me, and for your willingness to drop whatever you were doing and read more chapters. I cannot thank you enough. I’m sorry I made you all cry … okay, not really. Mwhahahaha, I made you cry! ;)

Lauren McKellar from McStellar Editing, thank you for pushing me to give a little more, I couldn’t be happier with how this book turned out and a huge part of that is thanks to you and your thorough editing eye.

To the ridiculously talented Hang Le, this cover! This cover is LOVE! I can’t even with how creative you are. This is by far my favorite book cover. It’s a joy to work with you, and I’m so glad I can finally hold this beauty in my hands, place it on my shelf and stare at it all day long. Don’t ever leave me … because I will find you. ;)

Heartfelt thanks to Be Designs for the awesome formatting. You, sir, are a superstar. Here’s to many more beautiful interiors together.

To my Sugar Junkies, who give me so much love and support and who constantly promote my work without ever having to be asked. THANK YOU! You girls are the reason I continue to write, and I can’t tell you what it means to read your reviews and kind words and know that someone out there loved something I created.

To the lovely ladies of The Rock Stars of Romance, thank you for hosting Harley & Rose blog tour. You girls have supported me from my debut novel right through to the tenth, and I’m so honored to be one of your rock stars.

And finally a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to the readers, bloggers and fellow authors who read, support, pimp, review, and who follow me faithfully no matter which genre I write or how much I make you cry. Without you the stories in my head would just be tales I tell myself that would likely have me committed.

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