Growling for Mine(8)

By: Alexa Riley

After a few moments, I feel the smile on my face grow as he gives me little kisses. I’m back on earth, and all my senses are coming back. I hear a strange sound and open my eyes. I look around the room, but after a second I realize what I’m hearing.

Looking down at where Bleu is kneeling at the end of the bed, I see his arm and shoulder working fast. I can’t see down between his legs, but from the sounds of it, I know exactly what he’s doing.

He’s got his eyes closed, and his face is still between my legs, inhaling my scent and taking little licks every now and then. As if he’s tasting me while he jerks off. The sight is too fucking hot, and I shouldn’t be turned on all over again watching him.

But there this giant man kneels, at my feet, jerking off his cock to the taste and smell of my pussy. Who wouldn’t want this? Who wouldn’t be turned on by this kind of power? That I drove him to such need.

I open my legs wider and pull my feet up on the bed to give him every inch of me. His eyes fly open and he growls, as if I might try to go somewhere. Our eyes stay locked as I watch his arm speed up, and I can’t stand it anymore. I need to see what he’s doing. His eyes are a bright gold color, and then turn a little black. It should be scary, but it’s only drawing me in. It’s only turning me on even more.

“Let me watch, Bleu,” I whisper. I should be shy about asking for it, but I’m ready to cum again from this sneaky act, and I don’t care.

He slides two fingers up to my pussy and slips them inside me again. There’s no pinch of pain this time, so he must have worked me over pretty good when he was eating me out before.

Keeping his fingers in me, he works them in and out as he leans back a little so I can see down to his lap.

I audibly gasp as I see his long, thick cock disappear into his fist and then peek out of the top. He grips it roughly at the same pace he penetrates me with his fingers. It’s almost like he’s actually having sex with me at the same time he jerks off.

It’s so dirty and feels so wrong, but I can’t stop my hips from moving with his fingers. I push down on them when he presses inside me, and I act as if I’m having sex with his hand. I ride his fingers as if they’re the big cock in front of me, and I moan when I see pearls of cum leak out of the tip.

He leans in every so often to rub his face between my legs. He doesn’t lick me or try to suck my clit, he just rubs it on him. It’s as if he’s trying to get my scent on him as he pleasures himself. The sight is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen, and I can’t hold back much longer.

Reaching down, I rub my clit as he jerks off. His big body, the dark hair covering his chest, leading down to his cock, is so strong and sexy. Seeing his dick, I lick my lips and think about taking him into my mouth or into my body. I clench around his fingers, and he must feel it because he growls the second I do it.

His gold and black eyes bore into me as I rub my clit and get myself off. Having his eyes on me as I watch him jerk off is all it takes to send me over into another powerful orgasm. Although I want to close my eyes and fall back on the bed, I keep myself upright. I want to watch the second he goes off, and I don’t want to miss any of it.

I’m rewarded for my effort not a moment after I loudly shout my pleasure. And somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m thankful that we’re in a remote cabin.

My eyes don’t move from the tip of his cock as he slips his fingers from my channel and brings them to his mouth. He moves over me and cum jets out onto his stomach as he sucks my pussy juice off his digits and orgasms all over himself.

I watch with held breath as his thick cum coats the dark hair there. He keeps jerking his cock. His eyes are closed and he moans around his fingers as his huge cock releases onto his stomach.

“Oh my,” I whisper, and it’s enough to snap him out of his trance. I regret it, wanting him to enjoy his orgasm as much as I just enjoyed mine. But when I see the look in his eyes, regret is the last thing I’m feeling.

Chapter 7 *Bleu*

I have the scent of her all over my face, but I need more. Cumming on myself wasn’t what I wanted, but I had to release. If not, I would have taken her roughly, and I want to go slow. But now, seeing that she watched me, I need her all over again. It’s as if I never came. My balls ache to have her. I fought it the whole time I was tasting her pussy, the warm sticky juice like honey to me.