Growling for Mine(6)

By: Alexa Riley

Seeing her big breasts again makes me think of them full with milk, and I lick my lips. To taste them would be an honor, and I’m hoping she allows me to do that once I’ve proven I’m a good mate for her.

I pick her up, and once again her legs go around my waist, but this time she pushes down a little so that my prominent erection rubs against her. Her hard nipples rub against my chest. Breathing deeply, I can smell her heat, and I realize she may have need.

“Are you needing me, Lola? Would you like my mouth or cock?”

Chapter 5 *Lola*

I stare at him in shock. Did he just say what I think he did? His face is completely neutral, like he just offered to get me a cup of coffee rather than announced that he wants to pleasure me. Was that normal to him?

His eyes lock on mine, then drop to my lips. I can tell from his hard-on that he likes the idea, but I’m thrown by how easily he offered to do that. I don’t like it, and it sparks something deep inside me. Jealousy.

“Can you put me down please?” I ask, but when I wiggle, his very hard cock rubs against me again. I have to bite the inside of my mouth to keep myself from moaning and showing that I liked it.

He reluctantly puts me down in the tub, and I bring my knees to my chest, trying to cover myself a little. Wow. How has this flipped so fast? He studies me for a second, then turns, heading out of the bathroom. I let out a sigh of relief and lie back in the tub. The thing is massive, but it would have to be to fit him.

I close my eyes as the warm water starts to rise higher and higher on my skin, relaxing my muscles. When I feel something touch my leg, I almost jump out of the tub, but Bleu grabs me, stopping me.

“Bathrooms are unsafe. I’ll make sure next time I have a towel in here before I leave you alone. You’ll hurt yourself.” He says it like he wasn’t the one who just scared the shit out of me.

“I wouldn’t have jumped if you hadn’t scared me.” I put my hand to my chest, trying to calm my heartbeat. “How does someone your size move so quietly?”

“I see. Your hearing isn’t as good as mine. I’ll take care to always make noise when I move around you so as not to startle you.” He grabs some soap and rubs it on the washcloth in his hand, then starts rubbing it down my leg, washing me. I don’t know what to make of this man.

“I can wash myself,” I tell him and reach for the towel, but he just goes farther down my leg and away from my grasp.

“I take care of you.” His tone is firm and soft, making something sit sweetly in the pit of my stomach. He finishes washing my leg, then moves on to the other. It feels good, and I want to lie back and relax. I should feel odd about letting a man I don’t even know wash me, but if he wanted to take advantage, he would have done it by now. Everything with him seems to be about keeping me safe. I don’t think anyone has ever worried about my safety. Not even my own mother.

I’d always spent more time worrying about hers. Even when I was as little as five, I was always trying to make sure she ate and cooked our meals. This is different. It’s nice, and I want to soak it up.

He starts to wash farther up my thigh, and my legs open a little for him. “You always just offer to pleasure women?” The question just pops out of my mouth, jealousy rearing its head again.

“No. I’ve never offered to pleasure a woman before,” he says simply. The cloth touches between my legs, his big hand making my thighs open wider for him.

I feel my breathing catch. I can barely look away from his hand between my legs, but when I look up, he’s looking at my face.

“I only offer for you.” His other hand grip the side of the tub as he leans in a little. “I will only ever do that for you.”

Then he’s leaning in more, and I can’t look away from the gold in his eyes. His mouth lands on mine, and the gold blends to something else as our lips connect.

His mouth is strong but soft as he pushes his tongue into my mouth. I can feel the hunger and desperation in this kiss. Like he’s been starving for me, and with one touch he’s lost all control and is going to take every bit of the kiss he can get.

The hand between my legs drops the cloth, and I feel his finger slide between the lips of my sex. I gasp when he slides across my clit. He pulls his mouth away, resting his forehead against mine.