Growling for Mine(13)

By: Alexa Riley

Over the past few weeks I’ve learned more and more about her. She has shitty parents. Every time I think about it, I want to track them down and rip them apart with my bare hands. Someone like Lola should be cherished and taken care of. I will gladly take that place, even if she gives me a heart attack with her clumsiness at times.

She wants a family that cares about each other, and I will give her that. I’ll prove to her that I will give her everything so she’ll never leave me.

“Don’t you have work to do?”

I grunt my response. I do. I took her to town last weekend to meet Ty and some of the townspeople. I dropped off some orders and picked up a few more, but I can’t seem to pull myself away from the house.

I know I’m going to have to start to let loose a little, but the thought of something happening to her because I wasn’t around to make sure she was okay scares the ever-loving shit out of me. I couldn’t go back to the life I had before. Odd how I relished that life weeks ago, but now the idea would be my worst nightmare.

I love her, but Lola is damn clumsy. Just today I stopped her from walking into the door, and then she tripped over nothing. Nothing. Just fell right over her own feet. I’m starting to think I was made to be a shifter just so I’m fast enough to keep her little ass safe.

I growled at her when I caught her from hitting the floor. She just shrugged it off like it was no big deal. “Must have been daydreaming about you,” she’d said.

“I’ll do it after your device comes tomorrow. Have you—”

She cuts me off, already knowing what I’m going to ask. “Yes, I checked the tracking and it will be here tomorrow. We just have to go to the post office in town.”

I don’t know what a wireless modem is. I just know it means she can move her work area out to the barn where I do all my wood carving. Then I can keep her near me.

“Come here,” she says, eyes still trained on the computer.

I’m instantly on my feet moving towards her. I’d had her in my lap while she worked, but she’d made me put her down because I couldn’t stop touching and licking her, which led to us on the floor or back in the bed.

I should feel guilty. Her body is so little, and I just keep pinning her down and taking her. I can’t seem to get enough of my scent on her.

I look over her shoulder to a screen that reads, Wooded Designs. I see pictures of different things I’ve made, some from the house, some I’d shown her out in the barn, and some I took to town.

“Now people can just place orders online and even send requests.” She clicks through more pages, showing me.

“You made this for me?” I feel a little guilty that I’ve been growling at her looking at her laptop when this whole time she’d been doing something for me.

She beams up at me. “Yes. You like it? I’ll keep track of everything for you. All you have to do is make the stuff and tell me project dates and things.” The smile lights up her whole face.

Just like that, she makes me lose control. I can’t stop myself from picking her up and molding my mouth to hers. Her legs come around my waist as I pushed my tongue inside her mouth.

I hold her tightly to me, wanting to feel every curve of her body. I push her back against the wall, and I can tell by the smell of her desire that she’s ready for me. It fills the air, making my nostrils flare and my hunger to be inside of her uncontrollable.

I need inside her. Now.

Reaching between us, I free my cock, yanking her shirt up roughly. I pull the panties she has on to the side and slide right into her. Her little body is always ready to take me. Her legs always parting to give us what we both need.

I growl into her mouth as I plunge in and out of her. My tongue matches the movements. Her fist-tight pussy grips me in a possessive hold. I start moving faster, pounding deep into her cervix with each hard thrust. I want to fill her there. The pleasure is almost more than I can take. I want to get lost and to let myself go over the edge, but I want to watch her go first.

When I feel her contract around me, I pull my mouth from her, wanting to hear the sounds of her pleasure as she cums while I drive in and out of her.

She screams my name, her body jerking under mine, but I don’t stop. I want another one. Her eyes start to fall closed, her lush lips parting. I bend a little, nipping her at my mate mark, making her jerk away.

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