Gambling For The Virgin:A Dark Billionaire Romance(8)

By: Dark Angel & Alexis Angel

Gian lifts his body up over me, and I can’t help letting my eyes linger over every inch of his firm, taut body. Even under those clothes, I can see the outlines of his muscles. The raw strength he has is evident in the way that he can move me around like I’m light as a feather. Or made for him to fuck, the thought occurs to me and though unbidden I like how the lusty thought lights up ideas in my mind. He holds my wrists over my head. My breasts are jutting out for him the way I'm positioned. He’s hovering over me, so close that parts of him are touching me. The hard length of his cock is pressing against my still sensitive pussy, and that’s the particular part that I’m very intrigued with because I'm wanton in a way I didn't know I could be; I had no idea that I could have such intense sexual urges and I want to act on them. The hard and dirty truth is, and I can’t lie to you, is that I want Gian’s enormous cock inside me. Where did the sex fiend in me come from? I guess my body is just coping with what my reality is now? The fire he started within me is going to devour me, and whatever's left in the embers—that's a better reality. I feel so many inches, more inches than I knew were possible, covering my pussy through clothing, and I’m aching with the need for him to touch me with it. I want that cock to touch my pussy … and I want to feel what it's like for it to be so far up inside me that I might choke. I had no idea that I could want something so naughty and want it so much.

It freaks me out a little bit to be honest.

I remember having such a hard time psyching myself up to even meet Gian to ask him to make this deal.

And then Gian changed the terms I’d already agreed to … and now this? I’m one second away from begging for him to fuck me like he promised. This is so fucked up but I like it. I really do. I don’t understand it but I don’t have to.

I think I’m just in shock at how well things are managing to work out. The truth is that I did everything I can to take care of my brother, and things are actually going to be okay. I can handle this situation. I want to handle this, these changes and these desires. I can hope for a better future for Tommy because it's already starting. Hope is all any of us have; hoping is the best any of us can do. And if I want Gian, if I’m filled with lust for him, is that really so bad? I mean, I already belong to him — a fact that terrified me earlier this very day, and now it makes me feel so aroused I can hardly stand it.

I shouldn’t trust a man just because he makes me cum, but the truth it that before the orgasm, I already felt something. The way that he kisses me rewrote the coding of my mind. I had no idea that so much passion could live in one person. No idea that it could play out with lips, tongues, and breaths shared between two people. Gian had me from that moment. I didn’t see him as Giancarlo Sandoval anymore, not the man I’d heard about. I felt him as the man, Gian, who was so different with me.

I want him. I want him to know how much I crave him. I want him to know how badly I need him right now. So I open my mouth, no matter how terrifying being so brazen seems. "I want you inside me, Gian, now," I groan. I'm giving into every desire that courses through me and I’m letting him know. And it feels good. Most of all, I feel safe to tell him how much I want him

Gian's eyes are blazing with lust, a fierce look that I feel all over my body from just that look, and I know that he must want me as much as I want him. Dropping his hands from my wrists, my skin instantly aches for him where he touched me. He tears off my bra. Snaps the flimsy fabric, destroys it. Gian lifts my body and pulls me on top of him. Though still clothed, I can feel the outline of his enormous cock pressing hard through his trousers. My wet pussy is soaking the fabric, drenching it with the wetness of my arousal. I bite my lip, my eyes shutting in pleasure as I rub my pussy up and down his cock. "Fuck," I moan in a high-pitched yelp. I had no idea that I could act like this. That I could want a man so much. But just a taste of Gian has me desperate for more.

Closing a hand over my ass, Gian groans a low, feral sound of need that makes me look at his face. I want to see what a man looks like when he makes that kind of sexy sound. Well, that’s not completely accurate. I want to see what Gian looks like when he makes that sexy of a sound. And makes that sound because of me. A blazing surge of need courses through me and I start to tear at his clothes. I press against the edges of his suit jacket to remove it. Shrugging out of it, he stands and drops me onto the bed. He rips his shirt off, buttons flying. I sit up on my ankles and watch as he tears down his trousers and the tight boxer briefs housing a cock ... there are no words for his cock. I see it and in a heartbeat my pussy aches for it. I don't know what a cock will feel like inside me, but I know that I need Gian. Now. Eying the long shaft and purple head glistening with pre-cum with a hunger I've never known before. That massive thing is bigger than I even imagined. I thought it must've been bunched up fabric making it seem that it couldn't possibly be as big as it felt, but there’s just no way! Gian’s cock is even more enormous that it felt before. It's intimidatingly long and thick and even though twenty-four hours ago I wouldn’t have known what to even do with a cock at all, now I want to figure out what to do with that monster. One thing is for sure. I want that cock inside of me.

Fist closing over his cock, I revel in how his bicep flexes with his grip. My mouth waters and I’m just in awe of this massive man. Gian's whole body is powerful. In the moment, I feel helpless. Eager, but unable to do anything but tremble when I think about his strength. The enormity of not just his body, but his presence. And it isn’t out of fear that I ponder this. My fear is so far behind me that perhaps that should frighten me. But how strong and sexy Gian is, I can’t help but enjoy how I feel like … his. His to fuck. His to have. I like that he’s so much larger and stronger than me. It makes me feel small and feminine and wanted. I want him to overtake me and fuck me, make me succumb to every wicked thing he wants to do to my body.

I’m a virgin. I don’t know what I want. But Gian knows what he wants to do to my body and I want him to do it.

Before I realize it, my mouth is open and I’m speaking in a breathy tone of voice. “I need you." The words escape my lips in a quiet whisper.

I’m not sure that he heard my silly words until I see the embers of my innocence flitting through his eyes.

I'm Gian's prey, and he's predatory in how he eliminates the heated air crackling between us by launching himself toward me. His arms wrap around me, and my legs wrap around him in response. I pull him in my with ankles, desperate to have him near me. Desperate to feel that enormous cock. I’m shaking just thinking about what he’s going to do me. Lining my pussy up with his cock, I breathe raggedly. I've never done this before. There's no going back. I'm going to do this. Everything seems incredibly real now and I start to panic internally. All I know is that I want it, I want it so badly and I need him to destroy my virginity the way that he destroyed my fear.

“You’re so wet, Lucy,” Gian says with a low voice. I almost don’t hear him but I do because of how closely I’m paying attention to him. “I’m being as gentle as I can. But I fucking need you.” I know enough to know what those words mean. He’s about to fuck me. Oh God, yes, he’s about to fuck me and I don’t care if it hurts. I need to feel Gian’s whole cock inside of me.

Gian doesn’t want to wait any longer. His eyes claim mine, and it's so intimate for a second my eyes almost shut. But I can’t look away from him. I have to watch his face, watching mine, when he takes my virginity.

Gian slams his cock into my pussy with a wet sound as I sheath him to the hilt. His balls smack against my ass. I cry out. It doesn't hurt, but my inner walls are stretching for him. The air is knocked out of my body, and I'm gasping for air. There was no more preamble to be had, and he just bottomed his cock all the way into me and I’m so glad. I’m ecstatic and overwhelmed, the sensation urging on even more new pleasures that I didn’t know were possible. My hands are wildly squeezing him and my legs, wrapped around him, are clinging for dear life. I lock my ankles tighter together and when he starts to move back, I use them to slam him back inside me. The intensity of that sensation makes my head fall back. I feel wild, like I might shiver, shake, float away from Gian.

But Gian has me. Not just impaled with his cock, but his hands capture me, claim me, and keep me in his hold. One hand cups the nape of my neck, the fingers gripping me tightly. The other hand's fingers trail softly down my back. I’ve never been held so intimately before, and, despite the fact that I’m getting fucked so deep by a no-doubt enormous cock, I think this is the most intimate thing. His hands say more than lips can now; his eyes say more than either of them knows how to. There’s something raw, visceral between us, something real. I know it now, and maybe I’m being silly, but Gian’s face says the same thing. How he holds me makes it real.

Slowly, he strokes in me and out, in and out, again and again with a relentless but slow movement. He is never too far out of me, keeping me so full of him no matter what. Gian's cock stays deep in me, despite the slow strokes, and I can't bear the idea of him doing any differently. I need his cock inside me. I crave this new sensation, the way that he is claiming me; I need it more than I think I even need to breathe. Fireworks ignite under my skin in a map of the wildfire in my soul. I burn with intensity, with desire, with need. In every sensation I'm a phoenix in these ashes, reborn with lust and seemingly I'm created for just this moment. Then the next moment is just as thrilling, just as enticing, and I need him more than anything. I crave him more than anything. I don’t ever want him to stop. My lips are moving and I’m breathing but I don’t know how. “Gian, Gian," I moan out. It takes me a second to even realize that I’m saying the words. My eyes start to roll back in their orbits, the sensation all so intense.