Gambling For The Virgin:A Dark Billionaire Romance(7)

By: Dark Angel & Alexis Angel

I can't keep the animal within me at bay. I'm not gentle. I kiss her, holding her face to mine, and my tongue has her, has her mouth. I'm claiming her, taking her; I'm taking everything. The passion between us makes my cock jab into her stomach with need. I'm practically trembling with how much I need her. I'm aching for her. The current between us is a live wire. Her mouth tastes like vanilla heat, the warmth of summer, and the soul of something eternally good. I don't release her, I breathe through her. I breathe her in. I need her. I'm kissing her deep and tasting everything good in her soul. Everything wicked in mine is teasing her, touching her, claiming her. I'm covering her in my wickedness.

Lucy moans into my mouth and I can't take it anymore.

I wrap my arms around her body and hold her close to me. I run a hand to the small of her back and feel her soft skin. She's untouched, so innocent, and I have her all to myself. That moan fucking destroys me.

Lucy breaks the kiss and gasps for air. Her eyes are wild when she looks at me. "I've never… no one has ever kissed me like that before. I'm dizzy," Lucy says, grinning. I don't know if she knows she's smiling. Her voice is confused but her face says it all.

I like you, too, baby girl. This is just the beginning.

"We've barely even started. I'm going to kiss your pussy even better, and you'll be more than dizzy." I can't help myself. I stalk toward her and close the space between us. She has to lie down on the bed. I part her legs with my knees and lower myself until my face is right next to the fabric of her lacy butterfly.

Lucy gasps. "Oh God," she says so quietly.

In a minute, she'll be saying my name again, if she can form words. I'm going to eat her pussy like it's the end of the world.



Gian is not the same man to me as Giancarlo Sandoval. I thought he was a man who was there to destroy me. He's kinder, gentler, than I thought. But he's not actually kind and gentle. He's raggedly passionate. Gian is a fire that'll consume every inch of me.

The scary part isn't that anymore. I knew the man was danger. I feared him.

The part that frightens me is that despite knowing all of this, when he touched me, everything changed. When he kissed me, he sealed my fate. How was I ever going to breathe again after how he made me feel? My nipples burn to be touched, my pussy throbs with need, and I'm trembling. Right now, his mouth is breathing over my pussy in the lacy panties I wore to impress him.

He approves.

And soon, he devours.

I'd never kissed a man before him, but I wager that the way he kissed me was in no way at all what I could expect in just any kiss.

That's impossible.

That's improbable.

I inhale and hold my breath. Dear God, his mouth on my aching sex is enough to make me tremble, and he's only just now tucking his thumbs into the sides of these panties.

Gian's eyes meet mine. Pulling the panties down my thighs, his eyes never leave me.

I angle my toes down for him and exhale that breath I was holding, a rush of adrenaline shooting through my body. Oh, God, this is really happening. Twenty-four hours ago, I was a virgin. Tonight, he's going to taste me before he takes me, and that's my undoing. He's not the monster I thought he was ... but he's the monster who decided to claim me. And I let him. I'm going to let him.

He stoked something within me, some flame inside me that I didn't know was burning before, and now is burning bright enough to scorch everything else out in the flames.

Gian has the power to keep my brother safe. He's actually doing it. So my plan worked—despite the hitch where I belong to this man. Oh God does that mean he's going to marry me?

I look back into his eyes and see a downright bemused look.

"You can stop that train of thought now or I can stop it for you," Gian says, leaning forward so I feel the heat from his mouth on my now bared pussy.

"What?" I say stupidly. I'm lost in thought one second, and now he's offering me a choice.

His tongue slides down the folds of my pussy.

A false choice.

Everything evaporates from my mind and my body glistens from his touch. I'm covered in sweat and my pussy is wet for him—not just from his tongue’s own dampness, but my increasing wetness from arousal at his touch. Gian licks, flicks, kisses, and sucks every inch of my most intimate parts. I gather the bedspread in my hands, crumpling massive wads into my hands as I cry out at the sensation. An enormous pressure builds inside of me and I have to actually try to breathe. I'm moaning, low, needy, insistent. I lean forward and bring my hands to his hair, tentatively. I want to tangle my fingers in his dark hair and rub my pussy on his stubbled face. That’s a new kind of urging from inside me that I’ve never known before, but the way that my pussy is aching, it feels like the only thing I can handle right now is more of him. That’s what causes the ache, what will solve it, and everything I need. The softness of his lips, the firm wetness of his tongue, and the tickling feel of his stubble all together burn that flame inside me so strong that threatens to consume me. I relent to my desire, no matter how strange it is to me, and bring my hands to his face. My legs shake and I lift them to rest them on his shoulders. My hands are pressing Gian’s face to me where it feels best, I let my head fall back. One of his hands reaches up inside the flimsy, wireless cup of the bra of my lingerie and captures my breast. The fireflies of sensation that travel from my clit to my nipple and back cause me to gasp. Groans erupt from my lips. I suck in one breath only to push another out, and everything makes my pussy flutter. The intensity building up inside of me keeps going until it's something more.

That pressure tensing in my stomach and flowing to my pussy is growing into something much stronger. I feel the heat surging through me melt to molten liquid, burning at my core, all the fluid and desire culminating in my lower abdomen and my pussy. I can’t believe my whole body can harmonize with what’s orchestrated on my pussy, but the waves of pleasure that Gian draws from me there are undeniable. I shiver at the intensity of it all. I’m on the brink of something I don’t understand. I know the idea of an orgasm, but the sensation is so much more intense feeling than I could've imagined. I feel the distinct urge to push, and I’m not sure why I would deny my body’s instincts. Everything within me is aching for everything Gian gives me. So if my body wants to push, and I’ve had such intense pressure, I will. It seems easier to think about it than it is to do it, though, and I struggle for a moment to catch my breath. I inhale deeply, every sensation fluttering through my pussy and making the ache grow so good inside of me. There are roots of ecstasy thriving within me. I push out with my inner walls when I exhale, and I feel waves and tides of pleasure drain my body of all energy. I inhale and squeeze with those same inner walls, and repeat this dance of desire to the rising tides of my orgasm building up within me. I'm a vessel for the most incredible sensations in my life, and I can’t believe how good I feel. The top of my head feels like it might burst off from everything my body is going through. I can feel the moisture from my pussy, flowing out through the strength of my orgasm. And I feel that wetness being lapped up eagerly by Gian.

His tongue is moving with superhuman speed, and he's using his whole face, even his nose, to make my pussy orgasm so hard I scream his name. I've never felt anything so incredible, and I feel disconnected from my body and so utterly grounded in it at the same time.

I smash my lips together, trying to vocalize anything other than the moans dragging low from my throat and rattling from my lips. Finally I find my voice usable. "Gian, fuck," I groan out in a low, moaning whimper. My fingers still entwined in his hair are squeezing and pulling him closer. My toes curl. I summon the strength to lift up my head enough to look at him. I feel so connected to him in this moment. It isn’t just pleasure I’m having; it's pleasure that Gian is giving me, and I need it so badly. So badly I need him to know what he’s doing to me.

I give him a whimper because that's the only sound I know how to make now, my voice leaving me as the pleasure is dragged out of me again and again. I can’t get down from this high, and I don’t want to. My legs are shaking and I'm so sensitive. Finally, the pleasure is cresting within me and I’m plateaued for a second before the drop of the intense orgasm hits instead some kind of afterglow that courses throughout my entire body.

Gian’s face leaves my pussy and I whimper at the loss, but I’m so sensitive that the second of relief is pleasurable, too. It's as if he’s flicked some switch within me that makes me wanton and wild.

He pulls me against him. Gian's mouth is on my neck. I'm still shaking as he kisses the column of my neck and I feel another tendril of pleasure surge through my body. His arms wrap around me, his body crushing mine on the bed. Panting, I feel the weight of his hard body, so firm against me as he's holding me so tightly. I shake, my legs captured between his, and his mouth goes from my neck to my collarbone. Gian's teeth sink into my collarbone. It should hurt, but it's not enough pressure to hurt. It feels good; it matches the ache he built up in my whole body. When I yelp and jerk beneath him it's because of the sheer power of the rasping touch of his teeth against me. His hands catch my wrists and pull them over my head. I’m aroused by the way his touch is so possessive. I want him to take charge of my body like this and show me things I didn’t know that my body wanted. I ache to be able to do every little thing that turns him on, the way that he knows exactly how to touch me.