Gambling For The Virgin:A Dark Billionaire Romance(175)

By: Dark Angel & Alexis Angel

Gian and I get in the car, the driver getting us to the airport, and we head for the first class lounge. This is nothing like the few times I’ve flown before. But I’m not terribly surprised that flying with Gian already makes me feel like I’m in a new world. Being wealthy – as Gian’s wife, I am technically wealthy as well – doesn’t exactly come easy to me but I’m trying to get used to it.

When we board our plane, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. “Well of course we can have sex on the plane,” I say, perhaps a little too loudly, but I’m flabbergasted. There’s a private sleeping cabin with a door and I remember seeing something crazy like this on YouTube and the brief memory of the price tag on something like this makes my eyes widen. “Did you think I was going to be able to wait until we were at the beach to be inside you?” Gian wraps his arms around me from behind, pulling me against him so I can feel the full width and length of his erection. His cock is harder than the stuff they make the plane out of, and I can tell exactly what he wants. I can’t say I want anything else, either. The outline of his cock against me makes me bite my lip before I can register anything else.

We had sex this morning, doggy style, in the shower, and I feel like that was a million years ago now. “I don’t think I can wait another minute longer,” I say in a surprisingly breathy voice. That’s the effect Gian has on me. Since I met him, I’ve found him so irresistible.

Gian takes my hand and leads me in to our cabin, where we close the door, and he lifts me up like I weigh nothing and lays me down on the bed.

He eyes me like he’s going to eat me up for a second, and when his finger is at the drawstring of my sweatpants, I don’t think I can wait a second longer, shaking off my flip flop sandals quickly. I insisted in traveling in something comfortable, and I’m glad I did, because my pants slide right off, giving him near instant access to me. Gian tears down my panties and cups my pussy, sliding his fingers through my wet folds.

“Fuck, you’re always so wet for me,” he purrs at me.

I whimper. God, can someone hear us? I realize that I don’t care if they can, though, because I need him so much I would scream and beg for him if he wasn’t already so eager to fuck me.

“I can’t wait any longer, damn,” Gian says, tearing off his pants. His hands pull my legs up so high that he’s practically folded me in half and he slams his cock into me, hard.

He’s so deep inside me so fast that I can’t breathe for a second, my eyes roll back in their orbits, and I’m seeing stars.

Gian slams his cock into me so fast, over and over again, and the wet sound of us fucking is filling the air as much as the scent of my pussy. It smells like sex all around us, and I know someone else on the plane has to know what we’re doing.

First class flying has some pretty incredible perks.

Because I know that Gian has enough money, he can do whatever he wants.

And I love Gian so much, and want him so much, I would let him do anything to me.

“Fuck,” I groan out, him slamming his cock so hard into my pussy that I forget any urge I might have had to be quiet.

Gian gives me a smile that is so wide and satisfied it makes my pussy squeeze around him, my clit twitching at how incredibly sexy he is.

“Kiss me,” I whimper out, wanting him to put the weight of his body on me while he folds me in half like this.

Leaning so close and pressing his body against me, I can feel Gian’s sexy stubble tickling my face and feel his hot breath on my mouth. “Cum for me,” Gian growls before his lips capture mine. His drugging kiss makes my hips rock up and take every last inch of his enormous cock. My pussy strangles his cock, milking out his cum while mine is gushing out of my pussy. I feel how wet my thighs are getting, can feel his balls slapping my ass and how wet they are with cum.

When Gian breaks our kiss, his mouth travels down to my breasts and I barely finish one orgasm before his tongue swirling my nipple brings me to another.

“You’re fucking mine, forever,” Gian growls, sinking his teeth into me.

“Yes!” I cry out, wrapping my arms around his neck and bringing my legs to lock around behind his back. He pulls me up so I’m sitting on his lap. Gian holds me while I shake from the incredible orgasms I just had. I rest my head against his chest, kissing him where I can hear his heartbeat.

“I love you so much,” I say against his skin.

“You’re my whole damn world. I can’t wait to have a baby with you,” Gian says, kissing the top of my head. “I’m so fucking lucky to have you in my life. I love you.”

Everything that happened between Gian and I felt like it was happening so fast, and then when we finally got married and knew that we really, truly were going to be together and nothing could tear us away from each other, that’s when I knew that all my years of hoping for more for my brother helped me to be open to a future for myself. Gian and I bared the darkest parts of our souls to each other, and together, we found the light to live in.