Four Week Fiance

By: J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper


They say that no man is an island. And I say that no writer does it all by themselves. Four Week Fiance has been in the works for years. It was originally intended to be a four book novella serial and now it is a full-length two-book series.

I want to thank all the readers that messaged me for Mila and TJ’s book throughout the years. If it wasn’t for your encouragement and want of this book, I’m not sure it would have happened.

I would like to whole-heartedly thank my beta readers: Tanya Skaggs, Katrina Jaekley, Kathy Shreve, Stacy Hahn, Barbara Goodwin, Emily Kirkpatrick, Cathy Reale, Cilicia White, Chanteal Justice, Kanae Eddings, and Tianna Croy, for all of your help. Your feedback and support has meant everything to me and has helped me to write a better book. I consider you all readers and friends.

To the members of the J. S. Cooper and Helen Cooper Street Teams, thank you so much for everything you do to support me emotionally, mentally and physically as a writer. It makes me feel amazing to know I have so many awesome women in my corner.

To my cover designer, Louisa Maggio, thank you for all you do and for being a friend.

To the readers, thank you for reading my books. Thank you for loving my characters and for emailing me and telling me so. It’s hard to be a writer and waiting for feedback, but it is the reason why I love going to work so much.

To all the bloggers that have showed me support and helped to promote my books, thank you for what you do for me and other authors. You read because you love to, but you spread the word because you want to help and you’re excited about books. Keep being excited and keep spreading the joy that you feel. I know all of us authors appreciate you.

And last, but not least, thanks be to God for all of my blessings.





Present Day

“I can’t make your decision for you, Mila.” My voice was deep, some might say husky, as I looked down into her wide eyes. She was gazing at me with a question in her big brown eyes and her lips were slightly parted. “What’s your answer?”

“Why are you doing this?” she asked me softly as she stepped towards me, licking her lips nervously. Her long blond hair hung around her shoulders and small runaway wisps blew into her eyes. I leaned over and moved them gently behind her ear. She blushed at my touch and I made sure to let my fingers linger on her cheek for a few seconds. I could feel the heat emanating off of her skin onto my fingertips.

“I want you to experience the happiness, the joy, the goodness that you deserve.” My voice sounded too serious and I wasn’t altogether sure why I’d chosen those exact words. I wasn’t really sure why I was here myself, with her, about to do something I knew I shouldn’t do.

“I wish I could control what happens next,” she said, her voice breathless. I gazed down into her eyes and my heart stopped as I saw the emotion there. She was letting me in, baring her soul to me in a naked, vulnerable way. Her eyes reminded me of a young, innocent doe I’d seen in the woods one year when I’d gone deer hunting with a friend’s family. I’d felt guilty then and I felt guilty now as well.

“There’s not much that is going to happen next.” I sounded harsher than I’d intended. I didn’t know how to tell her that I was mad at myself, not at her. She wouldn’t understand my inner turmoil. “We’re going to kiss and then you’re going to dump that loser of a boyfriend.” I put my hands on her waist and stilled them from going higher.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” she squeaked out as she closed her eyes and lifted her lips up to me, waiting. Her shoulders were thrust back indignantly and I stared down at the curve of her breasts and down to her long legs. She’d grown into a beautiful young woman. A very beautiful young woman that I knew I shouldn’t let myself indulge in.