Forsaken (The Found Book 2)

By: Caitlyn O Leary

Chapter One

“Put on your clothes. You disgust me.” Seth was beyond tired, and seeing his wife on his bed, naked and spread for him, made his bile rise.

“Carson, I need you, remember how it was?” She tried to entice him by playing with her breasts.

Seeing her gown on the floor, he picked it up and threw it on top of her. “That’s the problem Portia, I don’t remember anything, let alone it ever being any good.”

“It was the best night of my life. It could be like that again if you’d just try, damn it.”

“Get out of my room,” his voice deadly. Her eyes widened and she scrambled off the bed.

“Fine, but don’t think this is the end. You are going to make me pregnant again. Daddy wants a grandchild.”

“Oh cut the bullshit, there was never a baby in the first place. You dragged my ass to the altar under false pretenses.”

“Carson, you got me pregnant that night. You believed me before, why don’t you believe me now?”

The million dollar question. He knew from the moment he had laid eyes on her she was a criminal and likely involved in drug and guns smuggling with her father. He intended to put her behind bars, and instead he had married her to protect his unborn child. A child that had likely never existed.

“Get the fuck out Portia, before I do something we both regret.” She slung the gown over her shoulder and left his room, uncaring if the servants saw her naked. His wife was quite the piece of work.

Seth…Carson, or whatever the fuck his name was. Hell, he was beginning to question his own identity. He started yanking at the bowtie of his tuxedo and it knotted tighter instead of coming off easier.

“Good, maybe I’ll choke and end this.” He was sick of living the double life. Finally he pulled, ripping it apart at the seam. “God damn motherfucker!” He did the same with the cuffs of his shirt, satisfied when the cufflinks flew across the room. They were gold with diamonds. Maybe the maids would steal them. “Good for them.”

Fuck, he needed to shut the hell up, it was a bad habit to talk out loud. He knew his room was bugged. There was a damn good chance of video surveillance too. Once when Portia was high she said she hoped there was, that it added to the spice.

Not that he would touch her. He warned her when they started this travesty of a marriage it wouldn’t be consummated, but she hadn’t believed him. Hence the weekly ritual. Sometimes she’d bring in some kind of sex toy, one night he’d found her tied spread eagle to the bed. He didn’t even want to know who had helped her into that position.

He pulled off the rest of his clothes, hoping they would tear as well, but they didn’t. At least one of his dress shoes left a dent in the wall. They could report he had a temper tantrum for all he cared. It had been an ugly fucking night and Portia was the cherry on top. He needed a long hot shower to erase the stench of the scum he brushed up against.

God, he hoped it would help his headache. Grabbing three ibuprofen and some Rolaids he chewed them all down, praying it would help his head and his stomach by the time he finished the hot shower.

He often wondered if they had audio and video in the shower too, it wouldn’t surprise him. Nothing surprised him about these bastards. Had he ever had such a bad headache? It was the woman at the party, she reminded him of his Annie, and then he had to listen to Lobado’s men talk about their new source of income. The pulse of pain in his head was so bad his eyes started to water.

What the fuck had he gotten himself into?


Annie reminded herself to be happy. She’d escaped from the people intent on kidnapping her baby, but all she could focus on was her baby’s father. Somehow she managed to drive Seth away. She took out his letter and went to her desk pulling out the tape. Carefully she taped the seams where it was coming apart because she had unfolded and folded it so often.


I won’t be coming home after this assignment. Things have changed. I have changed. I have decided on a new life. I deeply regret the promises I made to you that I will be unable to honor.

I won’t defile our time together by speaking of it now, only know this, you are loved.

I am entrusting this letter with my father, so you can tell him if you need anything. I can no longer claim the name Natani, but you will always be cared for by the family of Natani.