Forever and Always

By: Gretchen Guse

Scarlett zipped her large green hoodie up and put the hood over hernow short chestnut red hair. She stared at herself in the full lengthmirror for a minute. She could see the reflection of her dark room,clothes littered the floor, books piled high. She glanced into heramber eyes. The hood covered them ever so slightly which made herhappy, she didn't want to be noticed. Scarlett grabbed her school bagand headed out of her room, down the hall past her younger brother'sroom, past her parent's room, into the spacious living room. Hermother looked up from the magazine she was reading and cocked herhead at Scarlett.

"Where are you going sweetie?" She asked quietly. EmmaJonas had been yelled at enough lately that her voice was meek.

"I'm going to school." Scarlett said as if it was obvious.

"Hun, they said you could wait until next week."

"It's Monday, and mom I just wanna go to school. I've been outof that school enough, I need to catch up." Scarlett's voice wason the edge of shouting.

"Annie can bring over some home work." Emma tried to gether daughter to listen, she even stood up. She wore her long blondhair in a braid today and her amber eyes stared at her only daughter.Emma Jonas was a rather tall woman, she had curves and her face wasrather plain yet she radiated a sort of unique beauty.

"I'm going to school." Scarlett said quietly and walked outthe door before her mother could say anything more.

The walk to school was short, it only took Scarlett ten minutes.She looked down at her feet, today she wore black ballet flats withher jeans, they were her favorite pair of shoes... Levi had giventhem to her. She blinked hard, keeping the tears back.