Forbidden Bite

By: Cynthia Eden


“Don’t look into her eyes. If you do, she’ll take your soul.”

Griffin Romeo tried really, really hard not to laugh in the face of his newest client. “No eyes,” he murmured. “Check.”

Felix Flemming slammed his clenched fist onto the top of Griffin’s desk. “Listen to me! Listen to me! This shit is for real. You’re going to think that she looks innocent. You’re going to think that she’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen. You’re going to think the woman is a walking wet dream—”

“I get it,” Griffin interrupted with a sigh. “The lady I’m after is hot, but trust me, I’m a professional. I’m hardly the type to be taken in by a pretty face.” What did he look like? An amateur? He’d been in the PI business for five years. He was the best of the fucking best.

“She’s killed, man.” Felix ran a shaking hand over his face. “She’s so small, I don’t even know how she does it. This woman is taking out men twice her size. She kills them. She cuts their throats. And Isabella laughs while they bleed.”

“And you’ve seen her do this?” Griffin knew he had to be very careful with the questions that he asked.

“Yes. I’ve seen her shove a man—a guy who had to weigh over 200 pounds—against a dirty alley wall. She threw him like he was nothing. Then she went for his throat, and I saw the blood on her.” He gave a hard nod. “Yeah, I’ve witnessed her attack with my own eyes.”

“Then why haven’t you gone to the cops?” Griffin drummed his fingertips against the armrest on his desk chair. He made sure to let no expression cross his face.

“I’ve tried! They didn’t believe me. I even took them to the scene—to the exact spot where I saw her attack that poor man! But he wasn’t there. She wasn’t there. And Isabella had cleaned up the blood.”

Isabella. Isabella Abandonato.

She was to be his new prey.

“I want you to follow her. I want you to track every single move that she makes. Catch her in the act.” Felix was sweating. Behind the lenses of his glasses, his bright blue eyes gleamed with intensity.

Griffin gave a low whistle. “Normally, when my clients want me to catch someone in the act…They’re talking about a different act.” Sex, not murder.

Felix’s cheeks reddened. “We have to stop her. The woman is an abomination. She’s evil. Isabella is seducing men and then killing them. The cops won’t believe me. So you will get me the proof I need. You have to get it for me. Follow her. Watch her. Stalk her.”

“And when I do catch her in the, uh, act? What happens to the poor fool she’s attacking? Do you expect me to just stand there and watch her kill so that you’ll have your precious proof?”

“No, of course not!” Felix began to pace the small confines of Griffin’s Las Vegas office. “I expect you to stop her before she kills anyone.” He waved his hand vaguely toward Griffin. “I assume you carry a weapon. You have skills, right?”

Actually, Griffin didn’t carry a weapon. It was his policy to never carry a gun or a knife. He didn’t need those things. He had a special way of defending himself. “To be clear, you aren’t hiring me to kill this woman, are you?” The question had to be asked.

“I’m hiring you to stop a monster. Get the proof. Then we can go to the cops, and she can be locked away for the rest of her life.” The sound of his ragged breathing seemed to fill the room. After a moment, Felix murmured, “That’s exactly what Isabella deserves.”

“Then by all means, let’s give her what she deserves.” Griffin let his gaze sweep over Felix’s fancy suit and well-polished shoes. Griffin could practically smell the money dripping off the guy. Griffin had a very, very good sense of smell. This fellow was old money, and a lot of it. “For a surveillance case like this one, my rate is five grand a day.”

Felix didn’t even blink. “Done.”

Hell, yes. For that kind of cash, Felix had just gotten himself one top of the line PI. It was time for Griffin to hunt a monster.