Fighting for Everything:A Warrior Fight Club Novel(73)

By: Laura Kaye


A lot of wonderful people helped bring Fighting for Everything to life. First, big shoutouts to Liz Berry, Jillian Stein, and Tessa Bailey for reading and loving an early version of this book. Their encouragement came right when I needed it most! Second, thanks to Lea Nolan, Christi Barth, and Stephanie Dray for cheerleading me through the writing, editing, and production of this book - you ladies know everything you’ve done for me and I appreciate it so much!

Next, I have to thank my agent, Kevan Lyon, for loving and believing in Noah and Kristina’s story. Your support kept me going and bolstered my belief that these wounded warriors needed to have their stories told one way or the other! Thanks next to Franci Neill for making the story shine and helping me with all the little details that help launch a book into the world. Finally, thanks to KP Simmon, a friend and colleague I’m so lucky to have at my side and behind my books. And finally, thank you to my Original Heroes and Reader Girls for all the amazing support and encouragement - you guys rock!

Noah’s story was most directly inspired by two real-world stories and a personal experience: First, the 2014 NPR story, “First Rule of this Fight Club: You Must Be a Veteran,” which detailed an organization called P.O.W., which stands for Pugilistic Offensive Warrior, a mixed martial arts training session that's free for veterans. And, second, a National Geographic story called “Behind the Masks: Revealing the Trauma of War,” which displayed masks made by veterans in art therapist Melissa Walker’s classes at Walter Reed (search for that title to see pictures of the masks). Both led me to thinking about how important alternate therapies are for veterans for whom more traditional talk therapy doesn’t work. Additionally, I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2008, and it’s something I’ve explored in my characters several times. So from all of that, Noah’s story in Fighting for Everything was born, as was the entire Warrior Fight Club series.

I hope these stories mean as much to you as they mean to me to write, and I thank you for taking my characters into your heart and letting tell my stories again and again. ~LK

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