Fighting for Everything:A Warrior Fight Club Novel(5)

By: Laura Kaye

She had to stop this…whatever this was.

Tilting her head back, the words were on the tip of her tongue. Her eyes locked with his, and even in the dimness she could see that they were blazing hot and almost predatory in their directness. It stole her capacity to speak, because she was unequivocally sure he’d never looked at her like that. Need roared off of him and through her, spiking her arousal so hard and fast that she became wet between her legs.

From just a look.

Heart pounding like a bass drum, Kristina swallowed hard. What would she do if he kissed her? One kissing experiment aside, she’d never had to ask that in regard to him. Another question followed close behind: what would she do if he didn’t?

He didn’t give her the space to debate. His hand fisted in the back of her hair. The roughness licked flames through her and sent her heart into a sprint. And then he was guiding her head, bringing them together, bringing his face closer and closer to hers. His gaze dropped to her lips, and a shaky breath caressed her skin.

Noah kissed her.

The first press of his lips against hers was soft and sweet, and she thought she might shatter from the shock of sensation just that light touch delivered. The one that made her want to forget who he was and what he was to her and climb him like a tree.

This is Noah. This is Noah. This is Noah.

Kristina had never wanted anything like this with him. Never before. But now that she’d had a taste, it was like she’d never eaten a meal in her life. His lips skated over hers, and she moaned at the unexpected goodness of it.

And it was like the sound burst some dam inside him. On an answering groan, he planted both hands in her hair and kissed her harder than she’d ever been kissed in her life. His mouth claimed, his tongue penetrated, his body grinded against hers. He pushed her against the opposite side of the door frame, pinning her there with all his muscled strength.

It was stunning. It was glorious. It was so wrong.

This is Noah. This is—

So freaking good.

The kiss felt like he was feasting on her, like he’d been starving for her and finally let himself have a taste. His desire was thrilling. His rough intensity was breath-stealing. His need fueled hers. Against his chest, her nipples ached to be tugged and sucked. She clenched her thighs together, dying for relief from the inferno he’d ignited inside her. She sucked hard on his tongue and ran her hands up the corded muscles of his biceps to grasp his thick shoulders, trying to anchor herself against the storm his desire had unleashed in both of them.

Her brain tried to remind her why she’d come down here, that she’d wanted to confront Noah—her best friend, Noah, but then his hands skimmed down her body—over her breasts, her belly, to her hips—and his clutching, urgent touch chased the thoughts away.

Later. There’d be time for talk, for thought, for consequences…later.

Because there wasn’t a chance in hell she was pulling away from what he was giving her. Not when she’d never felt anything like it before. Not when she hadn’t even known her body was capable of feeling this way. Not when he’d been the one to open her eyes to how she could feel.

With the right man.

Except he isn’t—


Tongue stroking and twining with hers, his hands squeezed her hips, his fingers digging in to her ass. The thin cotton of her dress and the thinner satin of her panties allowed his heat to reach her skin, setting her on fire everywhere. And then his hands palmed her ass and hauled her even tighter against him.

On tiptoes, Kristina’s head fell back on a moan. She ground her hips against his, needing more. More of his touch. More of him against her. More of the hard press of that delicious ridge in his jeans. More of Noah everywhere.

She could hardly believe she was thinking this way about Noah, but as he ran kisses and small nips down her throat, all she could do was grasp the back of his head and hold him there, urging him on.

God, how far was she willing to go here?

Because her mind already had her naked and underneath him—

He pulled her off the wall and walked her toward the bed. He separated from her long enough to reach over and give the door a hard push. It clicked shut, encasing them in darkness. And then Noah was right back on her. Kissing her. Touching her. Lowering her to the mattress and climbing on top of her.

Why wasn’t he saying anything? Why wasn’t she?

Part of her thought she should slow this down and see if he was really okay taking them where they were going. But damn was it hard to think when his knees pushed her thighs apart and his hips settled between her legs. His weight covering her felt obscenely good. “God, Noah,” she moaned. Kristina’s thighs spread wider as she drew them up and her knees fell open.

“Fuck,” he rasped, attacking her mouth again. His hips circled against hers, giving her the hard friction she was so desperate for. “Feels good. God, it feels good.” He kissed along her throat to her shoulder, and then he pulled aside the straps to her dress and bra.

Kristina moaned as his lips and fingers followed the fabric’s retreat, until Noah’s breath caressed her breast and his lips dragged across her nipple. She arched at the goodness of him licking her, flicking at her, sucking her. Her hands flew to his dark hair, loving that it was long enough that she could fist and pull.

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