Fated Ties (The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 3)(5)

By: Franca Storm

“Avoiding me, angel?” Nathanial’s voice came from behind her suddenly.

She jumped at his sudden unexpected presence. It caused her to lose control of her magic and the book fell towards the ground. In a flash of vampire speed, Nathanial was there, catching it in his strong arms before it hit the ground and she lost the page she’d been reading. He smirked at her and looked at the title on the huge, brown, leather-bound book. He cocked an eyebrow. “The bridge?”

“I’m trying to understand more about the significance of Ryan’s son, so I can determine whether Oriana’s words to him were a threat. She doesn’t make idle threats, Nathanial.”

Nathanial nodded. “She does not.” He gave the book a light tap and it rose in mid-air once again, floating in front of Marella, in the exact position that it had been prior to his arrival.

“Thank you,” she said, impressed by his thoughtful gesture and the amazing ease with which he had just used his magic. He was stronger in that respect than she remembered. “You’ve been practicing over the last couple of centuries?”

“My ex-wife is one of the most powerful sorceresses in all the realms. She has a huge grudge against me. It was necessary for me to do so.”

She nodded sadly. “I see.”

An awkward silence fell between them. Words that both of them wanted to say were frozen on their lips. It had been an entire day since Oriana had shown up in the Dark Realm, so unceremoniously and the two of them had barely spoken at all, aside from a polite nod here and there whenever they’d passed by one another in the castle. The air was thick with tension between them.

Marella suddenly broke it and called to Nathanial, her finger on a passage in the book, studying it intently. “Look,” she said, ushering him over to her.

He peered over her shoulder and they read the passage together: “Born of both the dark and the white and being a hybrid wolf, the bridge possesses instincts more sensitive than any supernatural creature in existence. His senses are attuned to both white and dark creatures. Moreover, he has the ability to communicate with beings across all realms. The bridge is eternal, not bound by the laws of nature, nor mortality.”

Nathanial gasped. “He cannot be killed.”

“This also explains why he reacted the way he did to Oriana. She is a threat to him and he felt it immediately. It is also why he has remained in wolf form and did not shift back. She must still be somewhere in the Dark Realm. He cannot be reacting to Luca and Michael anymore as they are imprisoned and not a threat right now,” Marella added.

Nathanial hastily ripped the book from his own magical hold and held his right palm up to it. He closed his eyes briefly as his palm emanated a black glow. A fraction of a second later it disappeared. He turned back to Marella and she eyed him in question. “Oriana cannot know about this, that the bridge cannot be killed or of any of his special abilities. I have hidden the book where she will never find it. She must remain ignorant. I will send my hunters out to locate her. She cannot remain in the realm.”

As he turned to go, Marella gripped his arm, stopping him. He turned back. “What is the matter, angel?”

“I…I think it would be best if we…take a step back…with us…for now…while she’s around.”

“No,” Nathanial growled. “I will not agree to that.”

“It is too dangerous right now.”

“You underestimate both of our abilities, Marella. You give your sister too much credit.”

“She is using black magic now, Nathanial. That power brings nothing but destruction. The people who wield it are driven by the need to inflict pain, death, and misery.”

He took her hands and held them tightly as he said softly, “Stop this negative talk, angel. I will not let anything happen to you.”

“I’m not worried about me.”

He chuckled. “While I love that you care for my well-being, I am not an easy man to kill.”


He silenced her by trailing his hands slowly up her thighs. “Mmm…you took my advice on the silk pants.” The black, silk pants she was wearing fit snugly to her shapely body, clinging to her butt. A silver, strappy tank top with white flowers adorning the straps was the only other thing she was wearing. It was just low-cut enough to reveal the tops of her soft breasts, but not too low to be trashy. She looked elegantly casual—her go-to look.

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