Fated Healing:Kindred of Arcadia 5

By: Alanea Alder


“You’ve done what?” The gentleman asked again, unsure if he understood correctly. There was no way

the man before him was that stupid.

“I have made arrangements for something deadly to be unleashed in Arkadia,” Salsiby said, taking a

step back, realizing maybe his life might be in danger.

“Did I or did I not express interest in this Alpha Mother?” the gentleman asked from behind his desk.

“You did,” Salsiby replied.

“And where does the Alpha Mother live?” the gentleman asked in a singsong voice. Salsiby paled.

“Come on old boy, I know you know the answer. Where does the Alpha Mother live?” the gentleman

asked again, standing.

“A-A-Arkadia,” Salsiby answered, shrinking back.

“Did you think I would be happy to hear about your plans?” The gentleman asked. Salsiby began to

shake and stepped back only to bump into a tall figure.

“Ah Payne, you old devil you. Always anticipating me. Can you please make sure that this man is

tortured to within an inch of his life from now until the second I am sure that the Alpha Mother has

survived his little assault?” the gentleman asked. Payne nodded wordlessly.

“No, please. No!” Salsiby screamed as he was pulled from the room.

The gentleman stared at his expensive hardwood floor. He debated how involved it would be to install a

trapdoor that led directly to the dungeon. That way Payne wouldn’t have to keep manhandling idiots out of

his office. The gentleman sighed and smiled softly. Then again, Payne may enjoy that aspect of his job. Oh

well, something to think about.

Chapter 1

Liam sighed, letting his head fall to his desk with a thump. Kent looked up from his computer and

smiled at his lover.

“Why don’t you take a break and get something to eat? You get grumpy when you get hungry.”

Liam raised his head and leered at his mate.

“I know what I want to eat.” He licked his lips. Kent swallowed hard.

“Food first or you will whine and complain later when you’re too worn out to get up and get something.

Besides, your grandfather needs these reports in by today. He said, and I quote, ‘You don’t get to slack off

just because I’m not there.’” Kent pointed to his computer. Liam frowned but nodded. His mate knew him

too well, and they hadn’t been mated for very long. He was just a lucky bastard. He felt a dopey smile

spread across his face.

“I love you too, now go get something to eat.” Liam’s head snapped around to Kent, who was

chuckling. Damn, was he that easy to read? He shrugged, probably. He stood up and stretched his legs.

Walking past his mate, he dropped a kiss on his soft lips before heading out of their shared office toward

the kitchen. He attacked the kitchen’s supply of cold cuts to make the biggest sandwich he could. He

frowned, unsure of how he was going to bite into the thing. Grabbing a knife he cut it in half. He really

should leave the cooking to Sebastian. His little kitten was a genius when it came to the kitchen.

He picked up his plate and was wandering back to the office when he heard a loud, reverberating

thump. The walls shook. He lifted his foot and set it down. As he took another step, a second reverberation

shook the house. Eyes wide, he lifted his foot and looked around to see if anyone could see him looking

ridiculous, standing on one foot, holding a plate in his own hallway. He waited a second before he chanced

to put his foot down and another thump resounded. Shaken, he was about to call for Kent when a familiar,

heart-stopping roar echoed throughout the house. Sebastian! Where was his mate? He sprinted to the den

and stopped in his tracks as another roar assaulted his ears. In front of him Sebastian, Felix, and Rebecca

were sitting inches from his seventy-inch LED HDTV watching Jurassic Park. He watched curiously as

Rebecca rewound and replayed the scene of the Tyrannosaurus rex approaching the hapless human

children’s car. Liam watched in morbid fascination as she rewound it twice more to play the scene and Felix

and Sebastian practically smooshed their faces to the screen. He cleared his throat and the three of them

swung around to look at him guiltily.

“What are you three up to?”