Fated Forgiveness [Kindred of Arkadia 4](8)

By: Alanea Alder

Daniel were trouble.

“That’s the honest truth,” Bran said, kissing the top of Landon’s head.

“Okay, we’re off to find Ashby, then get to our picnic. See you guys later,” Caleb said, taking Lucas’s

hand and helping him wave bye-bye. Liam and Sebastian waved as they walked away.

“Come on, kitten, let’s go home,” Liam said, and Sebastian loved the sound of that.

Chapter 2

As they walked through the door, they passed Rian and Damian heading out.

“Ri, can you let the pride know that we are no longer buying anything at Bobbles and Things? If you

have to special order something let me know, I’ll help defray the cost.” Liam kept walking with Sebastian as

if he hadn’t given Rian a reason for a total meltdown.

“Why the hell not!” he demanded, sputtering. More than half the pride was standing around them acting

as if they were already starting withdrawal symptoms.

“Because he has strong opinions about Alphas who are cocksucking gays. He also shared that my

parents would be ashamed of their only son,” Liam said bitterly.

Rian’s head snapped up and he opened his mouth as a long hiss escaped.

“That bigoted motherfucker! Come on, Damian,” Rian said, turning towards the door. Damian and,

surprisingly, Talon and Rex started to follow.

“Riiiaaann. Don’t cause any trouble,” Liam warned. Rian turned back to his Alpha, a bright happy smile

on his face.

“Trust me,” he sang, and the four walked out. Liam sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“They’ll be fine. At least Rebecca isn’t involved,” Sebastian offered. Liam looked up and gave a half


“Thank heaven for small favors. Come on, kitten, let me show you the house.” Liam pulled Sebastian


“Through there is the kitchen and…” Liam said walking through the house. Sebastian stopped and

stared at the floor.

“I know,” he whispered. Liam stopped walking and then turned around. When Sebastian looked up, he

could see the muscle in Liam’s jaw working before a tight smile crossed his face.

“I keep forgetting that you’ve been here before.” Liam sighed and dropped his head back. He took a

deep breath, and when his head came back up his smile was gentle but his eyes were sad.

“Come on, kitten, let’s go to the library. From what I can remember of your cat days, you liked that

room the most.” Liam held out his hand. Sebastian jumped forward and grabbed it. He rubbed his cheek

along Liam’s hand similar to the way Liam had done to his at the diner. Liam’s face brightened and his

smiled widened. Wordlessly, they walked through the house until they were in the pride’s library.

The library was Sebastian’s favorite place, because this is where he had made the most friends in his cat

form. The gentlemen that lived here always seemed to be in need of a snuggle here, a purr there, or the

simple contact that a cat provided. They needed human contact more, but like himself, they were too afraid

to reach out.

Sebastian knew a lot of people thought that the lions were a lazy bunch who weren’t very bright or

accomplished. But when he stayed here as a cat, he watched certain pride members slip into the library to

sneak a book or five. There was one lion who had quickly become one of Sebastian’s favorites. Kyle had

been kicked out of his familial pride when he was twelve years old. He had been found kissing the Alpha’s

son. He worked hard every night in the library trying to earn his GED. Since he suffered from anxiety

attacks in public settings, it made the local high school impossible to attend.

“Come here, kitten,” Liam said, bringing Sebastian back to the present. He patted the leather sofa beside

him. Sebastian walked over and sat down, fidgeting under his mate’s gaze.

“Sebastian, do you think I would ever hurt you?”

Sebastian shrugged. “I know that you would never hurt me. In my head I know we are mates. But

sometimes it’s harder to make my fear understand,” Sebastian murmured as he pulled at the threads on the


“Do you know why I was so upset?” Liam reached forward and lightly began to run his hand up and

down Sebastian’s arm. Sebastian shook his head, visibly relaxing at the gentle touch.

“I was upset that you didn’t trust me. That you were hurting and I wasn’t there for you. From the little I

was told of what you endured, it was horrific, and it tears me up inside to imagine you in a cage.” Liam’s

voice became harsh. When Sebastian looked at his mate he could see that Liam was barely holding back his

tears. Without another thought he climbed into Liam’s lap and wrapped his arms around his mate, holding