Fated Forgiveness [Kindred of Arkadia 4](7)

By: Alanea Alder

“Don’t threaten me, cub! Your father was a thousand times the Alpha you will ever be. I’m sure he’ll be

interested to know his only son is a cocksucking queer!” Gilberton shouted.

Liam heard the bells on the door chime. He and Sebastian turned to see Kate, Caleb and Bran standing

in the doorway. The men held the twins. Kate’s mouth was open and she appeared to be speechless.

The small, dark-haired boy in Caleb’s arms leaned forward and began to growl at the old man. The

other twin mimicked his brother and alternated between growling and hissing.

“I’m not craving chocolate for our picnic anymore,” Kate announced as she turned and left the store,

her mates right behind her.

“You are costing me business!” Gilberton shouted.

“No, the hate that you spew is doing that. Come on, Sebastian.” Liam led Sebastian out of the store.

Kate, Caleb and Bran were waiting for them on the wide sidewalk outside of the shop. Kate’s face was

pinched in anger.

“I had no idea he was treating people like that. If I hadn’t met up with my boys coming out of the

grocery store and decided I wanted chocolate, I would never have heard that crap. If he says those types of

horrible things to you as the lions’ Alpha, what must he be saying to others?” She shook her head.

“You know we support you, Liam. I’ll spread word around the pack to find another place to get their

sweets.” Bran bounced Landon, who was now all smiles and blowing kisses to Liam.

Sebastian could see Liam’s eyes softening as he reached for Landon. Bran smiled knowingly as he

passed the boy over.

“Have you missed your Uncle Liam? I bet you’ve missed Uncle Rian, too,” Liam said, kissing the small

boy on the neck and making him squeal. Sebastian leaned forward and began to purr. Landon broke out

into giggles and began to purr loudly, sounding like an excited kitten.

“We’ll bring them by later in the week. I take it that the two of you…” Kate let the thought trail off as

she pointed between Liam and Sebastian. Liam smiled, showing off his even, white teeth against his golden


“Yup, I’ve pretty much pulled my head out of my ass and we’re going to make this work,” Liam said.

“Good! Rebecca and I were planning an intervention. If you hadn’t come into the diner we were going

to hunt you down.” Kate’s eyes danced wickedly. Sebastian had to hide a smile as he watched his big, bad

Alpha pale and swallow hard.

“No, we’re good! I swear.” Liam nodded.

“We better let Ashby know he may be getting more people in Sweet Nothings, if the pack can’t come

here for candy,” Caleb said.

Liam groaned and handed Landon back to Bran.

“Let him know I’m cutting the pride off as well,” Liam offered.

Sebastian winced at the thought of poor Ashby and the increased business, especially since the tiny

shifter wanted to spend more time with his prince. His thoughts immediately went to Gabriel’s request.

“Could you…maybe…could you see if some of the wolves could help the vampires integrate more?

Most of the town is still afraid of them.” Sebastian spoke quietly. Liam kissed the top of his head. Sebastian

relished the feel of his mate’s lips on him.

“Thank you for remembering, baby.” Liam turned to Bran, Kate and Caleb.

“Gabriel is worried that people are still afraid of the vampires. Scared people, especially shifters, may

make poor choices on how they react to a perceived threat. Gabriel has invited my lions over for a mixer.

You may want to see if you can do the same for the wolves. The last thing we want is tensions getting any

higher in Arkadia. Rebecca hasn’t said anything, but I know this has to be weighing heavily on her, since

she pushed to have them move here.”

Bran frowned. “We’ll do what we can, but we’re trying to overcome hundreds of years’ worth of fear

and distrust.”

“If people see the leaders actively welcoming the vampires, that will go a long way,” Liam said.

“We can do that.” Caleb nodded. Sebastian knew that Caleb had a soft spot for Ashby, since Ashby and

Nic had watched the twins for him before Ashby mated.

“Great, I think people just need to see that the vampires aren’t just going to run around town ripping

people’s throats out,” Liam said, rubbing a hand up and down Sebastian’s back. It seemed his mate had to

touch him as much as he desired to be touched. Sebastian couldn’t be happier.

“No, but David and Daniel might talk them to death.” Kate laughed. Sebastian had to smile. David and