Fated Forgiveness [Kindred of Arkadia 4](60)

By: Alanea Alder

Liam grinned.

“Yeah, never telling what I’ll wake up to if you go to bed upset.” Liam chuckled and Sebastian swatted


Sebastian rested against his mates and knew that no matter what the future held, he and his mates would

face it together.


“So, your foolproof plan to recapture my hybrids not only backfired, but they are now under the

protection of the council and Arkadia.” The gentleman walked back and forth in front of the two men that

kneeled before him.

One was a wolf Alpha and the other a sniveling lawyer, yet despite their vastly different roles in life

they both found themselves at his feet. Fitting.

“The council let that human whore get to them. Her sweet, innocent act had them feeling sorry for her.

Pure soul my ass, she is a violent bitch,” Salsiby complained. The gentleman froze.

“What did you say?” He asked quietly. Both men stilled, the smell of fear rank in the room.

“I–I–I said that she is a violent bitch, sir,” Salsiby repeated.

“Not that part, and actually, if she were being judged from a paranormal standpoint she is adorable in

her ruthlessness. No. The other part. What about her soul?” The gentleman stood directly in front of


“The vampire, Prince Gabriel, said that she had a pure aura, that he had only seen it once before.”

Salsiby cringed.

The gentleman couldn’t help that shout of joy that erupted from his lips.

“Payne, this man failed but brought me important information, he is to only spend a week in the

dungeon. The Alpha, however, failed in his plans, but I unfortunately need him. Give him to the pain expert

for entertainment. I’ll need him able to function in a few weeks, though.” The gentleman turned around as

Payne dragged the struggling and screaming men from his office.

He walked over to the bookcase and pulled down a small wooden box. He opened the lid and pulled out

an ornate brooch intricately designed around a letter A.

“Fortune’s Wheel keeps turning round.” He smiled to himself and put the brooch back in the box.