Fated Forgiveness [Kindred of Arkadia 4](5)

By: Alanea Alder

“Something like that. Try it.” He sat down next to Kate as Gabriel took the last empty seat filling the

table. Rebecca took a small sip from the glass and her face brightened.

“It tastes like coffee!” She attacked the straw and inhaled half the cup. Ashby winked at Sebastian and

nodded to Rebecca, who was sucking up the last of the concoction through the straw, trying to get the

whipped cream off the side of the glass.

“What was that?” Sebastian asked curiously, leaning forward and taking a sniff.

“It’s a mochachino-flavored protein shake that I doctored up. Not only does it taste like coffee with no

caffeine, it’s filled with all her daily vitamins, and also acts as a meal replacement, which will hopefully

help her gain weight.” Ashby looked extremely proud of himself. Rebecca looked at Ashby, her eyes wide.

“But it didn’t taste bad.” She frowned down at the empty glass.

“That’s the point. It should help satisfy your coffee cravings too. Ma and I have been worried about

how much weight you’ve lost, so I thought this would be the closest thing to coffee you can get. Don’t you

like it?” he asked, looking dejected. Rebecca quickly backpedaled.

“Of course I like it. I love it! I’m just surprised I like it.” Rebecca rubbed her small belly.

“I’m full,” she said, and yawned. Sebastian had the urge to shift and curl in her lap. He had been

looking after her for months, and it was hard to let old habits die.

“Aww, is my baby boy purring? Yes he is! He liked the new milkshake,” Liam said, making baby noises

at Rebecca and rubbing her stomach. Sebastian and Ashby laughed.

“Put my mate down so I can beat you to death.” A low grumble filled the diner.

“Look, Rebecca, it’s your grumpy bear. Be careful or he might find out about our torrid affair. Shush,”

Liam said in a mock whisper. Sebastian rolled his eyes. Gently, Aleks lifted Rebecca out of Liam’s lap. He

pulled over a chair from another table and sat down with Rebecca snuggled against him.

“As if she would touch your mangy ass. And the baby isn’t purring, he’s growling. He doesn’t like

you.” Aleks grunted. Rebecca thumped his shoulder.

“Don’t say that. The baby loves his Uncle Liam.” She yawned again. Liam pouted and looked down at

his empty lap.

“Now my lap is empty.” He looked up at Sebastian meaningfully. Sebastian stared at him for a moment,

shyly stood up and walked over to Liam, who grabbed him around the waist, pulling him into his lap.

“Come on, Becca, time for your appointment. We get the test results back about your vitamin levels

today,” Aleks said, putting Rebecca on her feet before standing.

“Thanks for my magic shake, Ashers. I can’t wait to have another one for lunch.” Rebecca leaned down

and kissed his cheek. He smiled up at her.

“I have to watch out for my godson,” Ashby replied.

“I’m out too. Caleb and Bran have a surprise picnic waiting for me,” Kate announced.

“If it’s a surprise how do you know about it?” Sebastian asked. Kate winked.

“I have my ways. Later guys.” She waved and headed out behind Rebecca and Aleks.

“I hate to ruin what is obviously a much-needed tender moment, but I was wondering if I might discuss

something with you, Liam?” Gabriel asked.

Sebastian thought that the elegantly dressed prince seemed out of place at the diner. The way the

vampire kept looking at Ashby, he could see that Gabriel wouldn’t let the beautiful man out of his sight for

long, even if it meant hanging out in the diner.

“Sure, what’s up?” Liam asked.

“The townspeople haven’t warmed up to my coven yet, in particular a Mr. Gilberton, the proprietor of

Bobbles and Things.” Gabriel’s melodic voice soothed Sebastian’s frayed nerves. He felt himself relaxing

into Liam, who tightened his hold.

“Gilberton is a nasty old bastard who hates everyone. What has he done this time?” Liam sighed. He had

grown up in Arkadia, and everyone knew that he and Mr. Gilberton had bumped heads on more than one

occasion. The old man usually backed down because he believed that Liam would one day inherit his

grandfather’s council seat and become an Elder.

“He said some particularly nasty things to David and Daniel. Now they don’t want to leave the house.

They were the only ones willing to venture into town, and I’m afraid the entire coven is now suffering from

their boredom.” Gabriel sighed, and Sebastian peeked over to Ashby, who was rolling his eyes. Sebastian

had to agree with Gabriel, though. The twins were a handful.