Fated Forgiveness [Kindred of Arkadia 4](4)

By: Alanea Alder

“You’re not mad anymore?” Sebastian asked. Liam shook his head.

“I was hurt you didn’t come to me, but I never gave you a chance to explain why. I’ve been walking

around out of sorts and snapping at everyone in my pride. We’ll have a long talk later, but you’re my mate

and I’ll support you. I’m going to stop acting like a grumpy-ass bear, because they are freaking annoying,

and give you the chance to get comfortable with being with me, so I can understand your story. Besides, my

lion is dying to mark you. He’s been snarling at me for the past two weeks to be near you.” Liam kissed

Sebastian’s hand.

“Yes! Yes, yes!” Rebecca was pumping both small fists in the air and kicking her feet, laughing happily.

Sebastian looked around the table and everyone was smiling at them.

Liam turned to Kate and Rebecca.

“Good morning, my luscious ladies. And how is my baby boy doing today?” he asked, making kissing

noises at Rebecca’s stomach, sounding like his normal self. Rebecca beamed up at Liam, obviously relieved

at his familiar, laid-back persona.

“Aleks said the next time you referred to his son as your boy he was going to choke the life out of you.”

Rebecca looked around, snatched up Kate’s coffee cup and took a healthy swig.

“I saw that! No more caffeine for you, Rebecca Arkadion, doctor’s orders,” Connor yelled across the

diner. Rebecca winced and set the cup down, grumbling about stupid doctors and what do they know.

Sebastian removed his hand from Liam’s, winked at his mate before sucking up all the soda in his cup.

Under the table he popped off the lid, then he reached across the table, grabbing Kate’s mug. When

Connor’s back was turned, he carefully poured Kate’s coffee into his soda cup and put the lid back on. He

handed it to Rebecca, who started bouncing excitedly in her seat. She accepted the cup and held it in front

of her.

“Sebastian, you are the bestest!” She was about to take a sip when a large hand swooped in and grabbed

the cup.

“And no soda either. That has caffeine, too,” Connor said, before taking the cup to the kitchen sink and

pouring it out. Sebastian’s eyes widened as he saw Rebecca’s face turn to a mask of horror before her

bottom lip started to quiver.

“Oh no,” Kate said, looking around for another cup of coffee.

“Connor hates me and Doc hates me!” Rebecca ranted.

Sebastian looked over to Liam pleadingly. Liam smiled and nodded. He stood up and scooped Rebecca

up in his arms before sitting down and settling her on his lap.

“Okay, baby girl, why did they take you off caffeine?” He asked gently. Sebastian’s heart was melting.

His mate had to be the kindest man he had ever met, how could he have ever doubted him? Rebecca had to

be one of the most exasperating, but amazing women he had ever met. Living with her he’d had some of

the best times of his life. Liam seemed to have infinite patience when it came to the tiny human.

“They think I’m too excitable, that I’m all over the place and expending too much energy. I tried to tell

them that this is au naturel”—she pointed to herself—“but they didn’t believe me. All because I’ve lost a

pound or two.” She sniffled, looking at Liam pitifully. Sebastian’s ears perked up and he saw Kate lean


“What do you mean, ‘a pound or two,’ Rebecca?” Kate asked sternly.

“It was only two pounds and ninety-six ounces,” she mumbled. Liam frowned. Sebastian looked at

Kate, who was frowning down at her fingers.

“You’ve lost eight pounds? Since when?” Sebastian asked, putting them both out of their mathematical


“Since last week.” Rebecca sighed and stared down at her lap.

“Rebecca!” Sebastian gasped. Liam saw the shocked expression on his mate’s face before turning to

stare with concern at his friend.

“Is that a lot?” Liam asked, looking from Sebastian to Kate and back.

“In addition to what she lost in the first trimester due to morning sickness, it’s drastic,” Ma said, coming

from behind the counter. She held out a tall frosted glass with what looked like a milkshake to Rebecca.

“What’s that?” She eyed the glass with a colorful swirly straw sticking out of the whip cream

suspiciously. She took the glass and scrunched her nose. Ashby and Gabriel walked into the diner.

“That is my newest concoction. I made it especially for my Alpha Mother. I gave Ma the recipe last

week and made sure we had all of the ingredients here.”

“Is it a milkshake?” Rebecca asked, perking up. Ashby winked at Ma.