Fated Forgiveness [Kindred of Arkadia 4](3)

By: Alanea Alder

why he didn’t try to kill Rian on a regular basis, but he couldn’t remember it at the moment.

“Liam Aloisius Lewenhart!” Rian yelled, crossing his arms over his chest and sticking one hip out in a

defiant position. Liam winced at the full use of his name. Only Rian and Damian knew his hated middle


“Lions don’t have betas, but if we did, I would be yours and you know it. So you know I say this with

all the love I have for you. You. Are. Being. An. Asshole!” Rian threw his arms up, exasperated, and Liam’s

mouth dropped. He was pretty sure he was the Alpha here.

“Let’s start with the pride. Did you ever stop to think that we were trying to protect you? You have given

some of us the only true home we have ever known. You pay all the damn bills, and if anything happens,

your life is on the line to defend us. How do you think that makes us feel? We want to keep you safe

because you represent home to us and if being bonded to our little Rebecca cements that, then so be it.”

Rian waved his hands around. Liam stubbornly stared out across the lawn.

“Now about your mate. That poor man needs you. Stop being such a drama king and go get him.

You’ve made him suffer long enough. You’re not exactly showing him how trustworthy and reliable you are

by ignoring him and hurting him further. Now go get him!” Rian pointed to the gate.

“You’re wearing my…” Liam started.

“Now!” Rian screeched, and Liam jumped up and headed for the gate leading to the driveway. It wasn’t

until he was in his car that he realized that he just let his “beta” order him around. He scratched his head. He

was the Alpha, dammit. He started the car and grumbled the entire drive into town.

* * * *

“He’ll never forgive me!” Sebastian lay his head down over his crossed arms on the table. Rebecca and

Kate each leaned in and wrapped their arms around the shaking man. All three sat at their usual table in the

diner. It was just after the breakfast rush and the diner was mostly empty.

“Of course he will. Liam is one of the most wonderful men we know. He’s just had a bit of a shock,

that’s all.” Rebecca rubbed Sebastian’s back soothingly.

“Rebecca’s right. Liam has the emotional depth of a teaspoon. It won’t take him long to bounce back

from this,” Kate offered. Sebastian looked up hopefully.

“Do you really think so?”

Rebecca and Kate both nodded.

“Pretty soon he’ll be driving you nuts the way our mates drive us crazy.” Rebecca giggled.

“You have to admit it’s sexy when they get possessive and growly,” Kate countered. Rebecca nodded.

“I wish Liam felt that way,” Sebastian said sadly. He couldn’t blame his lion for ignoring him. In his

mind he knew that he could trust the man, but his heart feared the Alpha in him. Every single instance

dealing with men in power had resulted in pain and horror, and he couldn’t bear it if his own mate treated

him the same way. But even as he came to realize that Liam wouldn’t hurt him, he started to fear his mate’s

reaction for deceiving him. It was a vicious cycle that continued until he had shifted to save his best friend.

He could still hear Liam’s accusing words.

“You knew! You had to know!”

Sebastian looked up to see one set of anxious violet eyes and one set of worried blue eyes watching

him. His heart turned over. He had wonderful people as friends, people who cared about him, he couldn’t

let them worry about him so much. He reached up and patted each woman on the shoulder. They

unwrapped their arms and sat back in their chairs, looking at him.

“I…” he was about to say he would be all right when Liam walked into the diner. Liam’s eyes searched

the room until they fell on their table. Sebastian couldn’t help but stare. The man was simply divine. He was

tall, but not as bulky as Rebecca’s bear, for which he was grateful. He liked the way he could see Liam’s

muscles as they moved under his skin. He subconsciously licked his lips, and Liam’s eyes widened. A slow

smile crossed his lion’s features. When he took a step forward and started coming towards them, it was

with a definite swagger in his step. Was his lion showing off for him?

Liam walked up to the table, grabbed a chair and sat down between his mate and Rebecca. He smiled at

Sebastian, reached over and took his hand. Sebastian looked to Rebecca, then Kate, who were grinning like

idiots at him.

“Hi,” Sebastian mumbled, staring down at the table where their hands were joined.

“Hi, kitten.” Liam lifted Sebastian’s hand to his cheek and rubbed his face across it.