Fated Forgiveness [Kindred of Arkadia 4](2)

By: Alanea Alder

retrospect it seemed immature and childish, but he couldn’t help the way he felt. In the end what he really

wanted was to hold his mate and tell him everything was going to be okay. To assure him that if anyone

threatened him again, he would happily gut them and leave them to die.

Was it as simple as that? The more he thought about it, the more he realized that he wanted his mate

beside him more than he wanted an apology. Staying away from his sexy kitten wouldn’t change the past.

His mate hadn’t set out to hurt him, so he could forgive him. His mate needed him, so he would go to him.

They would have an honest discussion and get everything out in the open so they could complete their

mating. Then Sebastian could move into the pride house and they could live happily ever after. Simple.

Yup, it was good to have a plan. Find his mate, talk about what happened, bring him home, mate, and then

find and kill the psycho that hurt his kitten. Rebecca had told him how Sebastian had escaped the lunatic

collecting hybrids.

His grandfather had called him and Rebecca last week to update them on the case against the wolf Alpha

Devon. Sentinels had gone out to Devon’s pack lands and came up empty handed. No one in the pack had

any knowledge of anyone being kept against their will. Sebastian’s old Alpha testified, defending Devon,

stating that Sebastian became mentally unstable when his parents were killed in a random shooting. Devon

testified that Peyton was trying to get revenge against him for a bad break up. In the end it was Sebastian

and Peyton’s word against two established Alphas. Rebecca had been warned sternly about shooting

visiting Alphas, that her next offense may have serious consequences. Liam shook his head as he

remembered how he had to quickly jump the table to cover Rebecca’s mouth before she said something to

his grandfather they would both regret. Thank goodness it had been a conference call where he could do

that, instead of an in-person visit. His grandfather adored Rebecca, but Liam knew that the old man

shouldn’t be pushed. They would find a way to deal with Devon on their own. He just couldn’t shake the

look of pure terror that had been on Peyton’s face. If Peyton was that afraid, what must Sebastian be feeling

as one of the ones who had been caged and abused? Liam felt a growl float up his throat at the thought of

his mate in a cage.

“I’m not going out there now, he’s growling to himself again! Last week he nearly ripped Rex’s head off

when he asked about something benign like patrol rotations. Beau and Kaden have pretty much stayed in

the game room to avoid him, y’all are not sending me into the lion’s den, like literally!” Rian’s voice floated

out of the open kitchen window and down to Liam’s ears. He paused mid-mental tirade and perked his ears

up. Okay, he had to admit, he may have been a teensy bit hard to live with lately, but dammit, his mate had

rejected him!

“Rian, you and Damian have known him the longest. He probably won’t gut you if you ask.” They

officially had his interest now. That was Rex. He was known to take his responsibilities seriously. He would

not be participating in any of Rian or Damian’s normal hijinks.

“That only means I’ve had more time to piss him off in general. How about you, Talon?” Rian offered.

“No fucking way. I haven’t been here long enough to discuss this with him. It has to be one of y’all who

have been in the pride the longest.” Talon’s southern drawl was unmistakable.

“Not it!” He heard Damian practically shout.

“Damn it!” Rian cussed. Liam leaned back and closed his eyes behind his sun glasses. He couldn’t wait

to see what his pride was up to now.

He didn’t have a long wait before he felt a shadow cross his face. He opened one eye to see Rian

standing over him, and he was wearing his damn Stetson!

“You’re wearing my hat,” he said and closed his eye.

“Liam, look, we know that you’ve been going through a rough time with Sebastian and all,” Rian


“You’re wearing my hat.” Liam interrupted without opening his eyes.

“Yes, I know. Listen, the pride has been talking, and we want you to bond with Rebecca so that we are

protected from outside challenges the way the pack is.” Rian stared down at his Alpha, his hands on his


Liam let the growl rise up from his gut and out his mouth. He opened his eyes and pulled off his


“Am I so damn untrustworthy that my own pride doesn’t feel safe with me as Alpha?” he demanded. He

saw Rian’s eyes fill with compassion briefly before they narrowed in anger. He knew there was a reason