Fated Forgiveness [Kindred of Arkadia 4](10)

By: Alanea Alder

it. I started my job and things were great. The second full moon, the Alpha summoned my parents before

the pack and accused them of conspiring to murder him to take control of the pack. Death by challenge is

completely acceptable, but as you know, murder is an unforgivable offense.”

Liam nodded.

“I joined the meeting late and arrived just in time to see him shoot my parents in the head at point-blank

range. I lost control and shifted to my tiger. But he was ready, they shot me full of a drug that forced me to

shift to human. Once human, the Alpha said I had a choice. Shift to a small animal and get in the cage or

die with my parents. So I shifted and got in the cage.” Sebastian sat back on Liam’s lap and wrapped his

arms around his body.

“Then what happened?” Liam peeled Sebastian’s hands away from his body and slowly rubbed small

circles into the back of Sebastian’s hands.

“He sold me to another wolf Alpha. Alpha Devon was collecting hybrids, he had shifters in tiny cages in

his workshop. He had been collecting for years, waiting for the right price. He said we were worth a lot of

money. Sometimes they wouldn’t feed us. Or they would pull us from the cages and beat us. Most had

given up hope when Peyton pulled the lever that opened all the cages and set us free.” Sebastian gripped

Liam’s hand so tight that his knuckles were turning white.

“You were betrayed by the very people who were supposed to protect you, and I was abandoned by the

people who were supposed to love me. We’re a matched pair, aren’t we?” Liam smiled sadly at Sebastian.

“But I have you now, and you won’t betray me, and you have me, and I will always love you,”

Sebastian said as his cheeks turned red. Liam felt his breath catch.

“Will you, baby? Will you love me?”

Sebastian nodded. “I started falling in love with you when I watched you comfort Rebecca in the alley

the day we met. I was there when you guarded Rian and the twins when the hyenas attacked. You’re the

most amazing man I have ever met,” Sebastian admitted. Liam simply leaned forward and captured his lips.

Sebastian dissolved as their lips met. Finally! He was finally kissing his mate. At first the kiss was

hesitant and tender. But when he nipped playfully at Liam’s bottom lip, his lion’s eyes darkened, and he

demanded Sebastian open his lips to him. Once admitted, he took full advantage and tongue-fucked his

mate’s mouth. Sebastian moaned and started to thrust his hips forward. Liam pulled back and grinned

playfully at his mate.

“To think we could have been doing this for months,” Liam said good-naturedly. Sebastian flushed.

“I tried to let you know, in my own way. I was always jumping into your lap and purring around you.”

“Yeah, but you jumped into Kent’s lap and purred around him, too,” Liam said, smiling. Sebastian felt

the blood drain from his face. Liam’s eyes widened. Sebastian was sure Liam could hear his heart rate start

pounding out double time.


“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know what to do.” Sebastian started shaking in his mate’s arms. He

could hear Liam’s breathing become erratic.

“Wait, are you telling me what I think you’re telling me?” He asked. Sebastian could hear the strain in

Liam’s words as if he were trying to keep his voice even.

“Kent smells good to me like you do. He is my mate, too.” Sebastian felt his fear rise as Liam’s

breathing became more erratic.

“Please,” Sebastian whimpered, and brought his arms up over his face.

“Baby, look at me.” Liam said evenly. Sebastian looked up. Liam had tears coming down his face.

“I will never, ever hurt you. I swear it. Please don’t turn from me in fear.” Liam moved his hand over

Sebastian’s hair.

“I’m sorry!” Sebastian cried before he flung himself completely into Liam’s arms. He wrapped his arms

around his mate and tried to bury his face in his sternum.

“This is all I wanted, baby. For you to need me. My parents didn’t want me anymore, I couldn’t stand it

if my mate turned from me too,” Liam said burying his face in Sebastian’s neck.

“I do, I do, I do!” Sebastian chanted brokenly.

“Shush, kitten. I have you now. Are you sure about Kent?” Sebastian looked up and nodded.

“Is there anything else you need to tell me? Now is the time to get it out,” Liam said.

Sebastian’s eyes darted to the left as he hesitated for a second. “There’s one more thing, I promise to tell

you, can it just be later?” Sebastian asked.