Fated Forgiveness [Kindred of Arkadia 4]

By: Alanea Alder


“Ahh, there is my puppy.” The gentleman smiled from his chaise lounge as the wolf shifter walked into

the room.

“Now, old boy. Where are all of my hybrids?” In the background, a wail filled with despair resonated

through the house. The wolf shifter shuddered.

“Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? At first my pain expert had nearly all of them singing at once. It proved to

be annoying. So now he is working through them one at a time. I get to enjoy each agonized scream as it

erupts from the depths of their soul.” The gentleman crossed one leg over the other.

“I will have them soon. There’s nothing anyone can do, not even the council,” the wolf said, staring at

the floor.

The gentleman snapped his fingers and watched as Payne stepped from the shadows.

“I have a present for you. I love giving presents. Payne, if you would, please?” The gentleman nodded

to his servant. The wolf snarled when a thick, black, leather collar was secured around his neck.

“I am having a hard time believing you. So I am going to explain things to you slowly.” He reached into

his top pocket and pulled out a sleek, metal case.

“You are going to get me the hybrids I desire or you get to enjoy your present.” The gentleman calmly

pressed the red button. Immediately the wolf shifter screamed and dropped to the plastic-covered floor,

writhing in agony. The gentleman watched in fascination as the shifter twitched and jerked for minutes,

whimpering and cowering until the effects wore off.

“This is absolutely dreadful. I love it! Payne, we must order more of these,” the gentleman said,

accidently pressing the button again. The smell of urine and feces wafted up to his nose. The gentleman


“That was my fault.” He watched as the wolf’s spasms slowed down.

“You have my neighbors to thank for this little invention. I watched them last week trying to train their

dogs not to cross the property lines, and it hit me. Shock collars for shifters. I mean, it’s so obvious I’m

surprised no one else has thought of it before now. I hear that the pain a shifter feels from an electric

current is a thousand times harsher than that of a human’s, since you feel your own pain and the pain of

your animal.” The gentleman spun the remote with a childlike glee.

“Now stand up. There’s a good boy. Good boy!” The gentleman clapped.

“Go get me my hybrids.” The gentleman’s voice was no longer happy and laughing but cold. Shaking,

the wolf walked unsteadily toward the door.

“Oh, and Devon?” The gentleman called out. Slowly the wolf turned to look at him.

“You will not like what will happen to you if you fail.” The gentleman scrunched up his nose.

“Payne, can you please air out the room? It’s a bit…ripe in here.” The dark figure nodded and closed

the door behind them. The gentleman sat down and eyed the red button. Unable to resist its allure, he

pressed it again. In the distance he heard a howl of pain. Laughing, the gentleman relaxed against his

lounger. Shifters were so much fun.

Chapter 1

Liam lay back in his favorite lounge chair next to the pride’s pool, enjoying the early morning sun. He

refused to believe he was sulking. He was brooding. It was a more manly term. But if he had to be honest

with himself, he was pouting. His lion wanted their mate, preferably naked and begging for forgiveness.

The man in him was still nursing a wounded heart and banged-up pride. Of all people, Sebastian should

have felt safest with him, been able to come to him with his problems, but in the end he had been too

scared. Only his fear for Rebecca’s safety had forced him to reveal himself to the others. He sighed.

He wished he were a painter or a poet so he could languish, but unfortunately for him, he had no

patience to truly reflect on his feelings. Normally his emotions were happily surface level. He tended to lash

out like his cat when he was hurt and purr when he was happy. But over the past two weeks he found

himself wearing a stale smile when others asked how he was doing. His heart hurt and he felt raw. It wasn’t

like him.

Liam kept replaying the moment in the apartment when Sebastian had shifted and his scent changed as

he took human form. He had instantly recognized him as his mate. He frowned as he recalled the devastated

look on his mate’s face as he walked. It still haunted him.

Okay, he was terrified. Still, he should have come to me. But then again, I really don’t know what he

went through and I haven’t given him a chance to explain.

Liam scowled to himself. He had been steadily avoiding the smaller man for the past couple weeks. In