Fated Betrayal(The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 2)(2)

By: Franca Storm

“Yes,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and planting a chaste kiss on the top of her head. “And there’s something else,” he said, pulling back and taking her hand. He pressed it to her belly and clasped his hand over hers.

She looked up at him in question.

“You can read my thoughts. You should be able to tap into my wolf sense as well.”

She shook her head. “Ryan, I don’t think—I don’t know how.”

“Just try. Feel me.” He glanced at Vazra and saw him nod. It was possible.

“You are bonded, so the link is already there,” Vazra encouraged her.

She nodded and closed her eyes tightly and concentrated.

Ryan watched her closely for several moments. And then he gasped in surprise as he felt a sudden, searing sensation travel from his hand that held hers all the way up his arm and into his heart. He choked against the uncomfortably intense power that gripped him. It felt like her hands were literally squeezing his heart. Her eyes snapped open and she looked at him worriedly, afraid that she was hurting him. “It’s okay. Continue,” he rasped.

A moment later she suddenly ripped her hand away. “Whoa!” she exclaimed in surprise, looking between him and her father.

“You felt it, my child?” Vazra asked her.

She nodded and looked up at Ryan, grinning widely. “A boy?”

He smiled back at her. “Yes. Our son.”

“Our son,” she murmured with disbelief. “We’re having a child,” she continued as though finally accepting it.

As Ryan watched her, relieved that the initial fear and rejection he’d felt from her when Vazra had first told them she was pregnant, had evolved into acceptance, something awful suddenly occurred to him. He turned to Vazra. “A non-wolf can’t carry a wolf child to term.”

It was a well-established fact in the supernatural world. Ryan had heard enough horror stories to know. And if that wasn’t enough, he’d actually witnessed a few disturbing cases, too. It always ended the same way—with the mother dying in excruciating pain after being literally ripped apart by the wolf within. It was why he was so harsh with his pack about insisting they use protection when sleeping with human women.

“My daughter is not human, Ryan.”

“But she isn’t wolf either.”

“She is more. As is the child.”

“What does that mean?” Cora asked.

“The child is not solely wolf. It is a hybrid. It will possess your powers as well.” He looked at Ryan as he said, “Cora’s white light will sustain the child, enabling her to bring it to term. She will be fine.” His gaze snapped back to Cora as he added, “Once I teach you how to unleash your powers properly. It will ease all of your pain—pregnancy and migraines alike.”

“How did this happen?” Ryan asked.

“The child was conceived when you bonded,” Vazra revealed.

“You told me that was impossible,” Cora said to Ryan, accusation dripping from her words.

Ryan held up his hands in surrender. “It is.” He eyed Vazra as he added, “Help me out here.”

Vazra chuckled and nodded as he told Cora, “What Ryan told you is correct…under normal circumstances.”

“Normal circumstances?” Ryan asked, folding his arms across his chest.

“When two beings of royal blood mate, the conception rule during a bonding is transcended. When you bonded—the King of the Wolves and the Princess of the White Realm—your power joining could not be contained by any rule, thus making it possible to conceive a child.”

Ryan let out a low growl of frustration. “How was I not aware of this?”

“You were never told, because we all believed Cora was lost to you the day your father was killed and you were subsequently banished from the Dark Realm. Had your father lived, he would have told you when you were ready to bond with your mate. I am sorry, Ryan.”

“And me?” Cora demanded. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It was my intention. But the night that the bonding occurred, my efforts were drawn elsewhere.”

“Where?” Cora snapped. “What could be more important than telling us and giving us a choice in all this?”

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