Fated Betrayal(The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 2)

By: Franca Storm

A Paranormal Erotic Romance


“With child? She’s pregnant?” Ryan choked out.

Vazra nodded, his hand still on Cora’s belly. He smiled at her. “Congratulations, my daughter.”

Cora’s wide-eyed gaze hadn’t left Ryan’s. It looked like she couldn’t actually find the words to utter a response. He wasn’t surprised, because he was having trouble himself. Talk about shell-shock. Jesus fucking Christ.

He broke her gaze and began pacing the room, unable to stand still a moment longer in his agitated state.

When they had first materialized inside the White Realm palace, he’d been so taken aback by the appearance of the infamous King Vazra that he hadn’t even realized exactly where in the palace they’d been standing. Now, as he glanced around erratically in his panicked state, he noticed the two high-backed crystal thrones at the back of the room. They were shimmering with what he suspected was white magic and adorned with sapphire roses. Three-foot-high effigies rested on either side of the four white marble steps leading up to the thrones; the effigies were two palms, made from stone, clasping a glowing orb that looked like the sun. The room was well-lit, so bright, in fact, that Ryan suspected a vampire would have a hard time opening their eyes inside the room. Ryan wasn’t sure whether the source of the light was sunlight or white light. He suspected the latter because he could feel the power all around him. He glanced at the windows. They were all stained glass, depicting the various creatures of the White Realm in all their glory: white witches, warlocks, faeries, dragons. Like the floor, the many pillars positioned throughout the room were white marble. And off to the right, a large table in the shape of a snowflake with intricately carved chairs caught his attention. It looked like it was made of ice. But Ryan knew the legends of the White Realm. The table was crafted from pure white magic. The sacra mensa; it was the Sacred Table of the Royal Court, the place where the King of the White Realm met to discuss matters of the realm with his royal advisors. Ryan’s mother had been an influential member of the king’s court at one time, prior to her disappearance, in light of King Nathanial’s threat against her.

“Fuck. I don’t understand. We were careful. Very careful,” Ryan muttered aloud, as he continued pacing, his gaze shifting erratically around the room.

“Except that one time,” Cora pointed out, finally speaking.

Ryan’s gaze snapped to hers, his eyes wide with realization. “During the bonding ritual.” He stopped pacing abruptly and approached her, shaking his head. “No, it’s impossible.”

“See for yourself,” Vazra said, stepping back from Cora.

Ryan knew what Vazra was suggesting. He wanted him to use his wolf senses. Shit, it’s been a long time since I’ve done that. There hasn’t been much of a need for it in years. He nodded and stepped into Cora. Their eyes met and he smiled reassuringly at her. “This may tingle a little.”

“I trust you,” she said, as he laid his right hand on her belly.

Ryan couldn’t feel anything. I’m out of practice.

“Keep trying. Tap into your inner wolf,” Vazra encouraged him.

Ryan took his words in. He knew if he’d remained living in the Dark Realm his entire life then he wouldn’t be experiencing a problem trying to do it. But he’d been living in the human realm for two hundred years, a place where he never had to use the full breadth of his abilities, so he was more than a little rusty. He tried to ignore his embarrassment. The Wolf King showing weakness in front of the King of the White Realm? Not the best impression he’d ever made, that was for damned sure. He forced it out of his mind and concentrated solely on the task at hand.

He shifted his weight and closed his eyes tightly. A few moments passed and a soothing warmth coursed through him. And then he felt it—the essence of a wolf. The rest came to him in a rush: the gentle heartbeat and the smell of his blood fused with Cora’s. He gasped and pulled back.

“Oh my God,” he breathed, gazing intensely at Cora. “You are pregnant. The baby is wolf, Cora.”

Cora’s lips curled into a smile in response to the wave of excitement that had suddenly come over Ryan upon him realizing that she was really carrying his child and a wolf, no less. “Really?”

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