Falling for the Billionaire (One Night Stand #5)(7)

By: J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper

“I’m not a spy. And Henry and I are not friends.”

“Lacey, why are you keeping up this lie?” Henry said smoothly, with a disappointed look on his face. “Doesn’t your new friend deserve to know the truth?”

“The truth?” My jaw dropped. “What are you talking about?”

“Lacey, you can just come back inside now.” Henry pursed his lips. “Stop playing games.”

“I’m not playing any games.” I glanced over at Tad. “Trust me, I’m not a spy and Henry and I are not friends.”

“So you do know him, though?” Tad’s boyish face was wrinkled up as he concentrated.

“Yes. Well, no. Kinda.” I sighed. “It’s complicated.”

“And you knew he was holding the party tonight?”

“Yes. Well, no, not until this evening…” My voice trailed off as I realized how pathetic I sounded. “Do you still want to go for a drink?” I said weakly, feeling like a fool for even asking the question. As if he was going to want to go for a drink with me now.

“Uhm…” Tad bit down on his lower lip and I could see that he looked confused.

“I’ll pay.” I grinned at him, ignoring the glare I could see Henry giving me. “I just got paid.”

“Really, Lacey, why are you playing games with this boy?” Henry sounded angry. “We had one little fight and now you want to go off and have drinks with someone else to make me jealous?”

“Whaaaa…?” My jaw dropped open as I glanced at him in shock. His eyes gazed into mine with a devious look, and I just shook my head. “He’s lying.” I looked over at Tad, who was now frowning and backing away. “Trust me, he’s just trying to make me look bad.”

“Hey, I don’t know what game you guys are playing, but I’m not interested. Sorry.” Tad shook his head and mumbled something under his breath about always meeting the crazy ones. “I’ll see you later,” he said quickly and practically ran away from us.

“How dare you?” I turned to Henry and hit him in the shoulder. “How could you do that?”

“Do what?” He smiled at me innocently. “All I said was that I wanted to talk to you.”

“You did a lot more than that.”

“Oh?” He took a step toward me. “Exactly what else did I do?”

“You made him think that we had something…” My voice trailed off and I took a step back from him, starting to feel uncomfortable at the way he was looking at me.

“Something like what?” He licked his lips slowly, his mouth curving up like a wolf that was getting ready to eat his prey.

“You know.”

“No, I don’t.” He smiled innocently. “Why don’t you tell me?”

“You made him think we had something tawdry.”

“Tawdry?” He chuckled. “How so?”

“If you need me to explain, then you…” I gasped as I felt his arms around me, pulling me toward him. “What are you doing?”

“I thought I’d do something tawdry.” He leaned down and grinned at me. “Seeing as that’s what I was being accused of, right?”

“Henry…” I swallowed hard. “Let go of me.”

“Is that what you want?”

“Henry…” My eyes widened as I felt his hands running up and down my back.

“Yes, Lacey?” he said softly, and I blinked up at him, all words incapable of exiting my mouth.

“Nothing,” I said finally, knowing that anything I said would be used against me. Henry wasn’t the sort of guy to care about what I had to say. I wasn’t sure what he wanted or what game he was playing, but of one thing I was certain: he was definitely playing a game with me. And he was watching to see how I was going to react. It was all about my reaction. Maybe if I didn’t react, he wouldn’t want to continue. Maybe he’d grow bored and just leave me alone. Not that I was sure I wanted him to leave me alone. I liked the attention. I liked that he even noticed me. Guys like him didn’t normally notice girls like me. In fact, they never did.

“Come inside for a bit.”