Falling for the Billionaire (One Night Stand #5)(4)

By: J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper

“Ooh, Peter, you must try the lobster and caviar bites.” A tall slinky blonde approached with a handsome man in a dark suit. “They are divine. Absolutely divine.” She grabbed two from my tray, without even a hello or thank you, and I tried not to roll my eyes as she made a sound close to an orgasm as she ate one. The man gave me a wink before he took the other one from her hand, and I gave him a small smile. I was about to turn around and go back to the kitchen to refill my supply of canapés when I suddenly felt like someone was staring at me. I turned around quickly and looked behind me, but there was no one there. My body felt warm and I felt slightly uncomfortable as I stood there, staring out at the sea of people.

“You okay, Lacey?” Tad hurried over to me, and I nodded and gave him a quick smile.

“Yeah, just going to get more divine lobster and caviar bites.” I winked at him and he laughed, his face coming close to mine.

“You’re really cute, you know that, right?” he said, his blue eyes gazing into mine with an appreciative smile.

“Thank you,” I said, beaming back at him. “That’s really nice of you—oh!” I gasped as I felt hands on my waist.

“Come with me,” a deep voice said from behind me. “Give him your tray,” the voice commanded, and I swallowed hard as I recognized the voice. I handed a confused-looking Tad the tray and found myself being escorted from the room and into a hallway.

“What are you doing?” I said angrily as I looked up at my new companion.

“What do you think?” he said, a sardonic look on his handsome face.

“I have no idea.” I glared at him and swallowed hard as he opened a door and pushed me into a room. He followed me and then closed the door shut before turning the light on. I stood there, staring at him, taking him in and trying to remember to breathe.

Dark, silky hair. Light green, teasing eyes. Tanned olive skin. Perfect white teeth. A body that looked muscular and strong without being too built. A smirk that drove me crazy. And hands on my waist that were driving me wild. This was not a good sign. What was he doing here? And how had he found me? My face was a hot mess, and I glared at him as I tried to back away.

“Get your hands off of me,” I snarled up at the man who had pulled me into the poorly lit room, his warm hands feeling as if they were burning holes through my shirt.

“Or?” He grinned down at me, his smile wide and teasing. His eyes gazed into mine searchingly and I wondered at how he could be so familiar with me, even though we’d only met once before.

“Sir, I may be the hired help, but I was hired to waitress, not to be your own private plaything.” I kept my voice steady, though I was starting to feel lightheaded. This man in front of me was entirely too good looking, and I could tell by the look on his face that he knew it. I also had a feeling he wasn’t buying my “not interested” story, but I didn’t care.

“That’s a pity.” He laughed as he let go of me. “I’d quite like you to be my plaything.” He winked at me and his eyes seemed to sparkle like emeralds as he surveyed me.

“I bet you would,” I said and quickly turned around and grabbed the door handle. “If you’ll excuse me, please.” I opened the door quickly but before I could hurry out of the room, he grabbed me and pulled me toward him. I looked up at him. “Oh,” I said softly, my voice dropping as I took in his face properly and saw that his expression was suddenly serious. “Henry,” I said as I tried to regain my breath. I stood there for a second and tried to pretend like I hadn’t known who he was as soon as he’d grabbed me and pulled me into the room. I knew I wasn’t convincing.

“It’s me.” He laughed mockingly behind me as I walked past him and deeper into the room, and he followed behind me. “You just remembered me?” he said, a huge grin on his face. I stopped and turned around to glare at him. How conceited was he to think I’d remember him after meeting him only once?

“Henry James, right?” I said slowly as if I didn’t know his name well. I’d recognize him anywhere. He was too hot to forget, but way too arrogant to let know I remembered him.