Fall Into Place (Taking the Fall)(8)

By: Alexa Riley

I wait for her to put them on, then I pass her another box. “Borrowed.”

“What’s this?” She pulls out the gold band and looks at it and raises her eyebrow.

I laugh and point to it. “That’s mine. I’m letting you borrow it for one hour, then I want it back.”

She laughs with me, and then I see more tears fall down her cheeks. I kneel down in front of her and kiss them away, then touch my forehead to hers. “Go get ready, princess. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

She closes her eyes and nods, taking her things with her to the bathroom.

While she’s getting ready, I check the feed on my phone and feel my smile spread from ear to ear. “Well, well, well. Looks like Samuel’s having fun.”



“Damn. Seeing you in the dress makes me harder than this past Halloween when you dressed up like a slutty pussy cat,” Anthony growls against my mouth, taking my lips again. This time he picks me up and shoves me against the wall, my legs locking around him the best they can in this dress. So much for not kissing me again until we’re married, but fuck it, we’re at the chapel so close enough.

“Are you at least going to let me go outside dressed like this?” I tease. Pulling back, I try to catch my breath because he’s been all over me since I put this thing on. I didn't even make it out of our bedroom with that Halloween costume on, but I hadn't wanted to. The point was to once again try to bait Anthony into finally making love to me. He ended up doing everything but that that night, over and over again for hours. Who would have thought I should’ve just bought a wedding dress and walked around the apartment in it? My virginity would have been long gone.

“Only long enough to make you mine.” He pulls back, his voice husky as he nibbles on my neck.

“No marks. We have to see our parents this week for Thanksgiving. Let’s not add any fuel to the fire.”

“You saying I can’t mark you?” I feel him suck harder on my neck, and it makes me buck into him. My neck is my weak spot, and he knows it. He barely has to run his fingers across me there and I’m instantly wet and clawing to get at him.

“Anthony.” I moan out his name, my eyes falling closed, and I just enjoy the feelings running through my body. It’s all I can seem to say at the moment. I should tell him to stop, but I can’t, and I don’t want him to.

“You saying I can’t leave my love marks on you? I like my love marks on your body. Lets people know you belong to someone. Someone who can’t keep his hands off you. Someone who likes to see the signs of me all over you.”

“Yes, please.” He backs away a little, letting my legs drop from around his waist. I try to protest, wanting him plastered against me with no space between us. Using his foot, he pushes my feet further apart, and I feel one of his hands bunching up my dress. Then his hand is on my pussy, his other one going to my face, and I feel his forehead rest on mine as his thumb rubs along my jaw.

“Eyes on me, princess.” I look up into his eyes and see so much looking back at me. The power and intensity make my stomach tighten.

“I’m about to marry you. Make you legally mine. Because God and everyone knows you’ve been mine from the moment we both entered this world.” His fingers part my pussy lips as he starts to softly stroke my clit. My body pushes into his hand like it always does, always wanting to be as close it him as possible.

“I’m the only man on this Earth who’ll ever know your body like this. Just like you’re the only woman who’ll ever know mine. I know people gave us both shit about not seeing what else was out there. That we might one day wonder if we should’ve dated other people or some stupid shit like that, but I can promise you you’ll never have that thought. Because there won’t be a day I won’t give you everything you could ever need or want.”

I cum at his words, my body giving in to the passion. His mouth takes mine, muffling the sounds of my orgasm. When I finally come back down from my peak, Anthony is straightening my dress with a satisfied smirk on his face. He looks as if he was the one that just got to cum.