Fall Into Place (Taking the Fall)(2)

By: Alexa Riley

“Good. It’s about goddamn time,” he says before attacking my mouth with his, his tongue pushing into my mouth as he controls the kiss.

“I’m going to make you so fucking happy, princess.”

“You already do.” I pull him back to me, kissing him again. I don’t know how we got so lucky. To have your soulmate with you from the day you entered this world has to be one of the rarest things. I don’t want anything to ruin this. Our families are so loud and sometimes controlling. There’s a lot of us, with my parents, Carter and Cherry, having four kids and his, parents Jeanette and Saint, having three. Sometimes things just get out of hand, or blown way out of portion, which I’m scared is what will happen.

My dad will lose his shit, Mom will cry both tears of joy and sadness, Tony’s mom, Jeanette, will want to throw a party, and Saint will just lean back and go with it all. I can already see Jeanette and my mom fighting over wedding stuff, and I’ll never get a word in edgewise. This is going to be a mess when it really should be a joyous occasion. We may have always said we were a family, but this marriage would make it true. Our babies would come from both parts of our families and bind us all in blood.

“What if we just run off to Vegas? Got married on our own? Had our special day before our families try to take over?”

“They would kill us. Our moms would be pissed if they didn’t see us get married. We’re both the babies of the family.”

“We can do it again. But this one, the one we can do right now, would be just for you and me. Ours and ours alone.”

“You’re saying you want to marry me right now? Like, pack a bag and drive our asses up to Vegas?”

I nod my head, biting my lips, wondering what he’s thinking.

“Fuck yeah,” he says, jumping off the bed.

“You’re okay with this idea?” I ask, a little shocked by how easy it was.

“Princess, you just told me you’ll marry me right now. I’m fucking stoked,” he says, turning to look at me, the thick muscles in his back tensing. Dropping the bag he just got out of our closet, he raises an eyebrow. “You’re not changing you mind now, are you? You said it. It’s happening.”

God, I love when he gets all bossy. When it comes to something sweet, it turns me into a pile of goo.

“You just said we could…you know.” I drop my legs a little further apart. His eyes go straight for my pussy, and it makes him lick his lips. After a second he closes his eyes tightly and shakes his head.

“Nope. You’re making an honest man out of me before I take your cherry, so up and at it, princess. We got a long drive ahead of us.” He adjusts his cock before he gets back to packing, not looking at me again. I know he’s avoiding looking my way because he’ll pounce on me.

Damn. The sooner I get up, the sooner we get on the road and I can get what I want.

Pulling myself from the bed, I start grabbing some clothes, tossing them on the bed before I make my way to the kitchen where my twin brother, Samuel, is standing.

Samuel and I live in a three-bedroom condo together, our parents just don’t know that Tony stays here, too. He leaves his own apartment vacant and has it just for show for when our families randomly pop in and out.

“Happy Birthday, sis,” he says, giving me a hug and lifting me in his arms. No one can tell we’re twins with my brother being twice as big as me. He looks like our father—built like a tank with dark hair, whereas I look like our mother with cherry-red hair and bright eyes.

“Happy birthday to you, too.”

Placing me on my feet, he goes back to eating his breakfast. “We going to do anything for the ‘big two one’ or what?” he asks, taking a giant bite of his bacon sandwich.

“Actually, Tony and I are going to Vegas to get married. Want to come with?”

“Jesus, they are going to kill us. First Tony and I drop out of school, then Tony moves in, now we’re all going to run off to Vegas to get married?”

When he says it like that it seems really bad. The lies just keep piling up. Tony and Samuel dropped out of college two years in, saying it just wasn’t for them. That’s when they started chasing bail bond skips full time. They’d been doing it part time and making really good money doing it. Apparently, they made the perfect team. Samuel can physically track anyone anywhere, something I know from personal experience when he pops up out of nowhere on me sometimes. As for Anthony, he’s good at finding them for Samuel.